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Monopotassium Phosphite

Details for Monopotassium Phosphite

Monopotassium Phosphite


Inorganic chemicals

Monopotassium Phosphite
CAS NO: 13977-65-6
Molecular Formula: K3O3P
Molecular Weight: 196.2669
InChI: InChI=1/3K.O3P/c;;;1-4(2)3/q3*+1;-3
Packing: Plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg.
Product description:

It is a white crystals,easily deliquesces in air and soluble in water. It is widely used in ornamentals and bedding plants grown in greenhouses, field nurseries, landscaping areas, conifers, turfgrasses on golf courses, sod farms and other turf areas. And Various application methods, including foliar spray, soil drench, soil incorporation, and bare root dip.It is also called green chemicals.

Synonyms: Monopotassium phosphite;tripotassium phosphite;
Molecular Structure: Monopotassium Phosphite 13977-65-6
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