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Chenggu Zhenhua Biological Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
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About us

Established in September 1992, Chenggu Zhenhua Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Chengu Zhenhua Chemical Factory) is a private chemical enterprise, engaged in the manufacture of the intermediate of steroid hormone drugs. It is located in the Juyuan Town, Chenggu County with the factory area of 110,000 square meters and floor space of 80,000 square meters. There are flourishing green trees shading the factory areas and the flowers and grass here are flourishing. We have the total assets of RMB 17,000,000 yuan, and 150 employees with 30 technical or managerial personnel with senior or semi-senior professional tiles. Hence, we have relatively high processing capability for pharmaceutical raw materials. Our main products include diosgenin, 16-dehydropregneninolone acetate (16-DPA) and progesterone. Our annual manufacturing capacities for 16-dehydropregneninolone acetate (16-DPA) and progesterone are respectively 60 tons and 10 tons. We have enjoyed the annual output value of above RMB 50,000,000 yuan and are the biggest manufacturer for diosgenin.

Over the ten years, following the trend of opening to the outside world and keeping in pace with the development of economic development of the socialist market, we have realized a few breakthroughs. In September 19912, our director Li Jianguo established a factory for manufacturing the semi-finished product of diosgenin in Chenggu County with the investment of from various sources. In September 1995, we established a 30-ton-a-year diosgenin production line with the investment of nearly RMB 1,000,000 yuan. In January 1999, we established a 60-ton-a-year 16-DPA production line with the investment of over RMB 1,000,000 yuan. In 2000, we established a 10-ton-a-year progesterone production line with the investment of over RMB 2,000,000 yuan while new strategy for product innovation was being established. Since last year, in order to keep pace with the demand of the market, we have successively invested over RMB 2,000,000 yuan for establishing a new diosgenin production line. Therefore e our diosgenin-manufacturing capacity has exceeded 100 tons. Moreover, we have conducted the technical reform on the hydrolysis production line for treating wastewater from the source, and accordingly have basically solved the problem of the wastewater pollution..

We have been operating on the basis of the market-oriented basis and with the innovation as the momentum, and have paid much attention to the internal management and the development of the market with good economic and social profits achieved. Consistently committed to the principle of揙perating on Quality and Developing on Innovation, and the enterprise spirit of揑ndependent Operation, Hard Work, Solidified Struggle and First Class Oriented, we have been respecting knowledge and talents, and operating on the basis of human resources and pursuing excellency. Hence we have continuously promoted out competitive ability in the market with unremitting efforts and won the praise and trust from all circles of society and customers.

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Juyuan town, Chenggu County,Shanxi,China.
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