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Jiande City Silibase Silicone New Material Manufacturer Co., Ltd
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Details for Silicone



Catalyst and Auxiliary

CAS NO: 63148-53-8
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Packing: According to customers' requirement
Product description:
Jiande City Silibase Silicone New Material Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is one professional manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of SILICONE BASED new materials. At present we mainly focus on all kinds of SILICONE SURFACTANTS for different industries, including: 1)Agricultural Organo Silicone Agent (As Silwet408, Break Thru S240, Silwet L-77, Q2-5211,Sylgard 309); 2)Silicone Flow and Leveling Agent (Equivalent of DC3667Monmentive coatsil-1160, BYK300, 301, 302, 307, BYK302, Tego100, DC19, Coatsil-7001,Tego1484,BYK3510,DC57, Cogins S-83,Monmentive coatsil-7602,BYK L9565,Monmentive coatsil-2812Monmentive coatsil-1162,BYK306, BYK333, Tego410, Tego432, Tego450, Tego245, Tego270, Wacker Silicone Fluid L066); 3)Silicone Surfactant for Rigid Foam / Flexible Foam / HR Flexible Foam (Equivalent of Momentive L-6980, L6900, L5565,L-5340, Y-10366, L-5309, Evonik B8404, B8525, B8462, B8110, DC-193, DC5357, DC5810, DC190, DC5043); 4)Silicone Surfactant for Personal Care(Equivalent of GE1188A, DC193). 5)Silicone Resin. 6)Phenylmethyl Silicone Oil. 7)Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid. 8)Silicone Defoamer. If you're interested in our products, please visit our website at for more details and email us at for price.
Synonyms: Silicone;Silicones;Siloxanes;Siloxanes and Silicones;Siloxanes and Silicones,polymers;1000CP;100CS;109Superwash Wool Finish;10E;12000T;1300RTU;1MF;2-5791SP;290L;2MF;2MMT;3006B; 330LN;3625LSR;38197VP;3M 467;409HS;40Q-SI;47V20;51XA561;6002C;621V230;6N2HF-AXN;7460PEX;803TF;A 1310;A1310 (silicone);A 154;A 3;A 3 (silicone);AB;AD 8719D;AD 9003;ADF 18;ADF57;ADM 80-1;AF 2K; AF 30IND;AF 8E; AF-A;AF-C;AF-C (siloxane);AF-FG 10;AFC-G;AGM 101;AK 0.65; AK 168;AK 2000000; AK 350;AK 8801;AK 8803;AKOR-B100;AM 200; AM 200 (softener);AMA 70;AMP;AMSP;AP 200; AP 200 (silicone);APK 7;APK 7 (silicone);APS 222;APS V-Soft;APZ 6615;APZ 6661;AQ 110NV;AQ310N;AR 20;AR 350; AR 500;ARK 10;AS 4;AS 4 (silicone);AS 4000;AS 4010;AS 46;AS 60;AS 60 (siloxane);AS 8E; AS 8a;ATF 1;ATF 1 (silicone);ATF 2;ATF 2 (silicone);AU 331;AX-F 2014;AY 42-146U10;AY 42-151;AY 42-170; AY 49;AYR 20;Abil B 88163;Abil K; Abil K 3270;Abil wax 9800;Abilwax 9800D;Abperl;Accuglass 311;Accuglass 314;Acquafilcon A; Adatosil 1000;Addid 160;Addid 700;Addid 720; Addid 810; Addithane SI 3193; Additol VXL 4930;AdditolXL 121; Additol XL 204; Additol XW 329;Afcona 2021;Agitan 731; Agitan 770;Agitan E 256; Agnique DF 6889;Ahcovel S; Ahydrosil K; Ahydrosil Na; Airex 900;Airex 970;Albiquat 3272; Alchem 131;Alchem 71D5;Alchem 76028;Alcoprint PLO;Ales Eco Silicone;Alesco Silicone Clear;Alphasil 2000;Alusil 2704; Alusil NA2704;Alusil NA 55;Amisil;Anhydrosil KT/K;Antifoam 110A-EU;Antifoam 1410;Antifoam 1430; Antifoam 8810; Antifoam 8830FG; Antifoam C;Antifoam CE;Antifoam DB 110N; Antifoam H 10;Antifoam Y 30;Antimussol N 29;Apolar 10C;Aqua Seal; Aqua Seal 1100;Aqua Seal 1100N;Aqua Seal 63E; Aqua Seal 75E;Aqua-Trete Emulsion EM;Aqualen N; Aqualine R 120;Aquaprism;Aquaseal 1300CR;Aquelux606; Arcophob NCS;Arcophob NRS;Arkophob WI;Atomusera 300;Avivan SI;AvivanSO;B 123;B 191;B 20;B 20 (silicone);B 4113LF;B 4690;B 5246;B 617;
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