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Ethyl acetate

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Ethyl acetate


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Ethyl acetate
CAS NO: 141-78-6
EC NO: 205-500-4
Molecular Formula: C4H8O2
Molecular Weight: 88.1051
InChI: InChI=1/C4H8O2/c1-3-6-4(2)5/h3H2,1-2H3
Product description:
Physical and chemical properties Color and smell state: colorless, clear and viscous liquid
Toxicity: low toxicity Flammability: flammable
Melting point: -115℃ Volatility: Volatile
Corrosivity: No corrosion   Boiling point: 77.2℃
Stability: stable   Melting point: -84°C
Hygroscopicity: strong   Spontaneous ignition point: 250.1
Viscosity: small  Deliquescence: strong
Flash point: 7.2℃  
Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ketone, ether, chloroform, etc.
Uses As an industrial solvent, it is used in coatings, adhesives, ethyl cellulose, artificial leather, linoleum colorants, artificial fibers and other products. As a binder, it is used in the production of printing ink and artificial pearls. As an extractant, it is used in the production of medicines and other products. As a spice raw material, it is used as the main raw material for pineapple, banana, strawberry and other fruit flavors and whiskey, cream and other spices. Spice manufacturing, can be used as spices and artificial flavors for liquor blending. Extractant, which extracts many compounds (phosphorus, tungsten, arsenic, cobalt) from aqueous solutions. The organic solvent is used as the standard substance for calibrating the thermometer when separating sugars.
Hazard category 3.2 Class flammable liquid
Fire-fighting measures Use water mist, dry powder, foam or carbon dioxide to extinguish the fire . Avoid using direct water to extinguish fires (direct water may cause flammable liquid to splash and spread the fire). Firefighters must wear self-contained breathing apparatus and full-body firefighting suits to put out the fire in the upwind direction. Move the container from the fire scene to an open place as much as possible. If the container in the fire scene has changed color or made a sound from the safety relief device, it must be evacuated immediately. Isolate the scene of the accident and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering. Contain and process fire fighting water to prevent environmental pollution.
Emergency treatment Inhalation: If inhaled, move the patient to fresh air. Skin contact: Take off contaminated clothing, rinse the skin thoroughly with soap and water, and seek medical attention if you feel unwell. Eye contact: Separate the eyelids and rinse with running water or normal saline. Seek medical attention immediately. Ingestion: Rinse mouth, prohibit vomiting, seek medical attention immediately.
Packaging, storage, transportation Packed in iron drum, 180kg/drum, should be stored in a low temperature and ventilated place, away from fire sources. Take measures to prevent the occurrence of static electricity. When loading and unloading, please load and unload lightly to prevent damage to packaging and containers and prevent static electricity from accumulating. The product should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse. The temperature of the warehouse should not exceed 30°C to prevent direct sunlight and keep the container tightly closed. It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids and alkalis, and the storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency equipment and suitable storage materials. The workplace should be ventilated, and operators should wear protective equipment.
Synonyms: Acetic acid ethyl ester;ethyl acetate B&J brand 4 L;ETHYLACETATE ULTRA RESI-ANAL.;ETHYL ACETATE CAPILLARY GRADE;Ethyl Acetate Specially Purified - SPECIFIED;Acetic Ether;RFE;acetic ester;EAC;
Molecular Structure: Ethyl acetate 141-78-6
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