Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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About us

We well understand that superior products come from fine raw material. Wuyi of Zhejiang where we're located enjoys a good reputation home and abroad as "fluorite hometown" and has very rich fluorite resources with high quality and few impurities, which provides us excellent conditions to produce superior products.

We well understand that the advantaged natural resources are the basis of products. The real guarantee is the advanced equipment and technology as well as advanced management concept and strict management. We have been focusing on customers since its establishment and have formulated the quality guideline of Superiority in the Trade, First Class of Brand, Consistent Innovation in Product and Satisfaction of Customers" as well as the quality objective of no unqualified products, no returned products for reprocessing, no returned purchase, no complaint that is executed and carried out insistently by us. Besides, we have set up the strong quality promise system and were certified to ISO9000 of quality management accreditation in 2001 and ISO14001of circumstance management accreditation in 2004. What's more important is that our products gain wide trust from customers home and abroad, which is an unexampled honor.

We well understand that safety is productivity and good environment is Competitiveness. Since its establishment, we're engage in safety problems and environment protection. We effectively carry out the social responsibility so as to ensure the sustainable development and we're certificated as "Clean Manufacturer in Zhejiang" and "enterprise that reaching the safely producing standard in Zhejiang".

We well understand that good credit is a gold-lettered signboard for an enterprise. The service goal of superior quality, prompt delivery, nice service, honesty and credit was made since the company was set up. And we're trying efforts to make customers satisfied. Therefore, we're honored as "big tax-payer in Zhejiang", "AAA credit grade enterprises in Zhejiang", "enterprises that strictly abide by contracts and keep one's words in Zhejiang" and "one of 100 enterprises good credit in bank in Jinhua".

Every compliment from customers and every honor comes from our arduous work. The achievement is the milestone on the road of advancing, but the future is what we shall pay much attention to. We sincerely hope to have your care and help in the future, which is much appreciated.

Contact us
0086-579-87642198 87633229
0086-579-87645878 87648168
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Huchu Industry Area, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, China
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