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About us

As a manufacturer of natural products and fine chemistry products, we deve璴op two main activities :

sale by catalogue of small quantities of products mainly aimed at the phar璵aceutical, cosmetic and foodstuff industries as well as institutions.

-for their varied research and development work, on the one hand -for their qualitative and quantitative work on the other hand.

made-to-measure make-up.The experience and high level competence of the staff allow EXTRASYNTHESE S.A. to manu璮acture highly-pure chemical products to order and in larger quantities than those mentioned in this catalogue.

We are also able to refine raw materials supplied by yourselves and bring it up to the degree of purity required for your production.

Contact us
Web site:
Zi Lyon Nord Impasse Jacquard BP 62 69730 Genay
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