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Soaps and Cosmetics

CAS NO : 9003-01-4
EC NO : 202-415-4
Molecular Formula : (C3H4O2)n
Main Specifications : Cosmetic grade, 0.5% aqueous solution viscosity, 40,000~60,000mpa•s
Synonyms : poly(1-carboxyethylene);Poly(acrylic acid);Acrylic Acid glacial;Fluorosulfuric acid;2-Propenoic acid, homopolymer;Acrylic polymer resins;Polyacrylic Acid;Propenoic acid, homopolymer;Propenoic acid polymer;Propenoic acid, polymers, homopolymer;Carbopol;Carboxypoly-methylene;PAA;Carbomer 910;acrylicacid,poly;Carbomer;
Package: 25kg/drum
Uses : is widely used in lotions, creams, and gels.
Molecular Structure:Carbomer 9003-01-4
Product description: Function of Carbomer Carbomer 940: short rheology, high viscosity, high clarity, low ion resistance and shear resistance, suitable for gels and creams. Carbomer 941: Long rheology, low viscosity, high clarity, medium ion resistance and shear resistance, suitable for gels and emulsions. Carbomer 934: cross-linked polyacrylic resin, topical drug delivery system, stable at high viscosity, used in thick gels, emulsions, and suspensions. Carbomer 1342: Cross-linked polyacrylic resin, topical drug delivery system, excellent rheology modifier in the presence of electrolytes, polymerization and emulsification. Carbomer 980: Cross-linked polyacrylic resin, topical drug delivery system, crystal clear gel, water or alcohol solvent. Carbomer is an acrylic cross-linked resin obtained by cross-linking pentaerythritol and acrylic acid. It is a very important rheology modifier. The neutralized carbomer is an excellent gel matrix. It has important purposes such as thickening and suspension, simple process and good stability, and is widely used in lotions, creams, and gels. Carbomer has the effect of protecting the skin and can reduce the irritation and damage of irritating substances to human skin and skin mucous membranes. At the same time, the drug has the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays. After being applied to the surface of human skin, it can enhance the resistance of human skin to ultraviolet rays. In addition, carbomer can reduce viscosity and has anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects. 1. Protect the skin Carbomer has an obvious protective effect on human skin. It has a certain affinity for human skin. Usually people add it to cosmetics and use it in the future to protect the skin and reduce irritating substances. It is harmful to human skin and skin. The irritation and damage of the mucous membrane can prevent a variety of allergic symptoms from occurring. 2. Anti-UV Carbomer has a certain activity. After it is applied to the surface of human skin, it can enhance the resistance of human skin to ultraviolet rays, and can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to human skin. When used in summer, add carbomer sunscreen products. The ideal sunscreen effect can prevent the skin from darkening and also prevent the skin from being burned by ultraviolet rays. 3. Reduce the viscosity Carbomer has a certain degree of porosity, and it is a slightly acidic substance with a particularly strong hygroscopicity. Usually when making gels or cosmetics, you can add an appropriate amount of Aunt Han, which can reduce the viscosity of these substances. Moreover, they can maintain their stable properties. In current industrial production, carbomer is an important raw material for making cosmetics and gels. 4. Anti-inflammatory and sterilization Carbomer is also a natural medicinal ingredient. It can reduce inflammation and sterilization. The carbomer eye drops sold in the medical market are medicines made from it as the main raw material. It can effectively eliminate human eye inflammation. The effect can make the pain and redness of the eyes disappear quickly. 5. Guarantee the quality of cosmetics Carbomer is a chemical neutralizer, it has a very important position in the production of cosmetics, it can integrate a variety of ingredients in cosmetics, and can keep them in a stable and suitable state, and added carbomer My cosmetics will have a good base, and people will feel particularly comfortable after applying it on the skin.
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