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Nitrile Rubber

Nitrile Rubber

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CAS NO : 9005-98-5
Molecular Formula :
Main Specifications :
Synonyms : Nitrilerubbers or Nitrile elastomers;Rubber, nitrile;Rubber, nitrile;1312LV;220S;3305X;35LM;40IKhM;615B;7IRP1068-24B;7V14;A 3003;A 727;ACN 062;AF 1001;AKN 40;Aparene N 423NS;Aparene N 553;Aparene N 553NS;Aparene N 854NS;Aparene NL 248;Arctic Nitrile;Arnipol BJLT;Arnipol BLT;B 14;B 14 (rubber);B 35;B 35 (rubber);B 6240;B 6280;BDCh 3;BJLT-M 30;BN 26NN;BN 30GK;BN 5;BN 5 (rubber);BNA 52;BNK 18;BNK 20/35;BNK 302;BNKS 18;BNKS 18A;BNKS 18AMN;BNKS 18AN;BNKS 18M;BNKS 26;BNKS 28;BNKS 28A;BNKS 28AMN;BNKS 28AN;BNKS 28ASME;BNKS 28M;BNKS 40;BNKS 40A;BNKS40AM;BNKS 40AMN;BNKS 40AN;BNKS 40M;BNSK 28AMP;BNSK 28AMPM;BNSK 28MP;Baymod N 34-52;Baymod N 3482;Baymod N-VP-KA 8641;Baymod N-XL 34.19;Bond G103;Bostik S 188-515;Breon 1001;Breon 1002;Breon 1041;Breon 1042;Breon1043;Breon 112;Breon 1512E1;Breon 1512E2;Breon 1561;Breon 1562;Breon3325;Breon 3380;Breon 3670;Breon 41;Breon N 33C50;Breon N 33H80;Breon N36C35;Breon N 36C50;Breon N 36C80;Breon N 41H80;Breon NX 775;Buna 138;Buna 198;Buna N;Buna NB 132;Buna NB 190HF;Buna NB 191;Buna NB 192;Buna NB192HF;Buna NB 196;Buna NB 196HF;Buna NWL;Butacril;Butadiene-nitrilerubber;Butakon A 4051;Butaprene N;Butatron AC 5520;Butatron AC 7030;Butofan 440D;Butofan LN 206S;CH-VI 165;CKH 40;CN 32;CRC 1008;Carom N28/120;Carom N 33/45;Carom N 38/55;Carom NBR 33/65;Carom NBR 38/65;Chemaprene 3302;Chemaprene 3309;Chemaprene N 3309;Chemigum;Chemigum 1207;Chemigum 235;Chemigum 235CHS;Chemigum 248;Chemigum 4412;Chemigum 550;Chemigum 615D;Chemigum 6271;Chemigum 6387;Chemigum HR 665;Chemigum N 206;Chemigum N 3;Chemigum N 300;Chemigum N 325;Chemigum N 328B;Chemigum N 386B;Chemigum N 5;Chemigum N 6;Chemigum N 600;Chemigum N 612A;Chemigum N 612B;Chemigum N 612B1A2;Chemigum N 615;Chemigum N 615B;Chemigum N 624B;ChemigumN 628B;Chemigum N 683B;
Nitrile Rubber
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