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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Details for Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate


Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
CAS NO: 15245-12-2
EC NO: 239-289-5
Molecular Formula: Ca·xH3N·xHNO3
Molecular Weight: 120.1206
Specification: 15.5N 19.9Cao
InChI: InChI=1/Ca.NO3.H3N/c;2-1(3)4;/h;;1H3/q+2;-1;/p+1
Packing: in 25/50KG PP/PE Bag
Product description:

  calcium nitrate granularNW:1440.75 Properties: white round granuleUses: It is a new nitrogenous and calcareous fertilizer with characteristics of high efficiency and quickly make-up Nitrogen, applied in greenhouse and large-area farmland. It improves the soil and granulates the soil making it anti-caking. When employed in industrial crops, flowers, fruits and vegetables, it extends florescence, spurs the root, the stem and the leaf to grow normally, guarantees fruits in gay colors and increases carbohydrate contents in fruits. It is a high-efficiency environmental protection greening fertilizer.


  Index name Value

  Nitrogen % 15.5

  Nitrate nitrogen% 14.0-14.4

  Ammoniacal nitrogen% 1.1-1.3


  Water insoluble matter%≤0.2


  Nitric, %≤0.05

  PH 5.6--6.8

  Cl %≤0.02

  Granularity 2 -4mm

  Packing : plastic bag lined woven bag or plastic-paper bag , Net wt. 25/50/500/ 1000KG .Storage : Sealed, in cool and dry place, avoid rain and insolation ,

Uses: a new nitrogenous and calcareous fertilizer ,a high-efficiency environmental protection greening fertilizer.
Synonyms: Calcium ammonium nitrate;Ammonium calcium nitrate;nitric acid,ammonium calcium salt;Calcium Nitrate granular;
Molecular Structure: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate 15245-12-2
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