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Details for PROPYLENE



Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO: 115-07-1
EC NO: 204-062-1
Molecular Formula: CH3CHCH2
Molecular Weight: 42.0804
InChI: InChI=1/C3H6/c1-3-2/h3H,1H2,2H3
Product description:
Propylene is a hydrocarbon compound which is in gas form at normal temperature and normal pressure. Therefore, to make easier in saving and handling, a specific pressure have to give to change it to liquid form. Propylene is used as feedstock in the making of Polypropylene such as PTA and Polytam. Propylene is produced by PERTAMINA抯 Processing Unit VI Balongan on a Residue Catalyst Cracker (RCC). Through catalyst and heating, this Unit is capable to split Atmospheric Residue from the CDU and Treated Residue from the ARHD unit to field valuable products such as LPG, Propylene, Polygasolene, LCO and Decant Oil.
Synonyms: PROPENE;1-Propene;1-Propylene;Methylethene;Methylethylene;NCI-C50077;
Molecular Structure: PROPYLENE 115-07-1
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