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Details for manganese



Catalyst and Auxiliary

CAS NO: 7439-96-5
EC NO: 231-105-1
Molecular Formula: Mn
Molecular Weight: 54.938
InChI: InChI=1/Mn
Product description:

KT9262 & KT9298

   Dongchang MMT, a compound with gasoline antiknock properties, was developed to effectively enhance the gasoline octane number and greatly reduce the harmful discharge amount of automobile exhaust emissions such as NOx, CO, and HC. 
 Note: MMT means the compounding of first letters of three words in English, that is, Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl. MMT neither represents brands, nor comprehends other significations.
1.Physio-chemical Property
    Dongchang MMT is mainly divided into two types, i.e. KT9298 and KT9262. They bring different properties (i.e. freezing point& Manganese content) for different using circumstances as the below table shows.

Physio-chemical Properties

Item Unit Specifications
KT9298 KT9262
Appearance   Orange liquid Orange liquid
Manganese content(20℃) Weight,% ≥24.4 ≥15.1
Density(20℃) g/cm3(20℃) 1.36~1.39 1.10~1.30
Freezing  point (initial) ≤-1 ≤-25
Flash point of closed entry ℃(20℃) ≥80 ≥50

2.Chemical Structures
    Formula: C9H7O3Mn
    The formula shows that Dongchang MMT is an organometallic compound with one (1) central manganese coordinated among one methylcyclopentadienyl group and three (3) carbon monoxide groups.

   Dongchang MMT is decomposed to form active manganese oxides under combustion process. Its surface reaction results in declining peroxide concentration which have already established in the engine combustion chamber at the front of flame and selectively cuts off some free-radical chain reaction. Therefore, it inhibits the automated ignition and slows the velocity of the energy release so as to enhance its antiknock capability.
4.Receptivity to various hydrocarbons
 The receptivity of Dongchang MMT to various hydrocarbons is shown as follows:
● Paraffins > Olefins > Aromatics (i.e, straight-run gasoline > catalytic gasoline > reformed gasoline)
● Low octane number fuel > High octane number fuel
● Research method (RON) > Motor method (MON)
   Dongchang MMT has good matching capability with MTBE and ethanol to enhance the gasoline octane number. Second, Dongchang MMT solves the trouble of insufficient vehicle dynamic power due to overloading MTBE. Third, the catalytic converter of automobile tail gas is effectively improved by Dongchang MMT during its combustion process. Finally, it helps to improve the refining operation, enhance the flexibility of blending operation, and reducing the difficulty in reforming process.
Handling instructions
1. Packaging
Dongchang MMT is packed by galvanized iron drums, IBC drums, or ISO tanks.
2. Transportation
Shipping Name (IMO): 6.1.UN3281, PG II, MARINE POLLUTANT.
3. Storage
● Keep containers in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, and keep them away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces.
Handling & blending temperature: -25℃ -50℃
Shelf life: 12 months
● keep containers tightly closed and store it with inert gas (i.e. nitrogen) if it is not used;
● As Dongchang MMT is light sensitive to be decomposed if it is exposed to sunshine, its samples or its gasoline samples shall be kept in brown container.
● Dongchang MMT shall not be directly contacted with eye and skin, or inhaled and ingested because it belongs to toxic category.
As for more details about MSDS for Dongchang MMT, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Synonyms: manganese coating quality balzers;ManganesechipsN;Manganesepowdermesh;Manganeseelectrolytic;ManganesepowderNmesh;Manganese chips (99.9%);Manganese powder,(99%);Manganese solution 1000 ppm;Manganese solution 10 000 ppm;Manganese nanopowder;
Molecular Structure: manganese 7439-96-5
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