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Poly ethylene glycol

Details for Poly ethylene glycol

Poly ethylene glycol


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Poly ethylene glycol
CAS NO: 25322-68-3
EC NO: 200-849-9
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Packing: 200kg plastic drum or 1000kg IBC tank,customized package
Product description:

Polyethylene Glycols(PEGs) is among the most versatile chemical ingredients available to formulators and manufacturers.Formulators in a wide range of industries value the contribution Kelong PEGs make to their products,including enhance solvency, lubricity, hygroscopicity,and other important functional properties. Manufacturing chemist choose PEG to improve product processes, in applications including mold and mandrel release, lubricants, anti-static agents and other processing aids. Kelong PEGs can also be used as chemical intermediates, resulting in products for foam control, thickeners, and resins.

CAS NO.:25322-68-3

Synonyms: Polyethylene oxide,ethylene oxide polymer, PEG, PEO

Synonyms: Polyethylene glycol;Poly(ethylene glycol);Polyethylene glycol;polyethylene oxide standard 511000;Poly(ethylene oxide);macrogol;poly(oxyethylene);Polyethylene glycol PEG;Aquacide III;PEG 1000;PEG 6000, MB Grade (1.12033);Ethylene glycol 8000 polymer;Polyethyleneglycol;Polyethylene Glycol 5000000;PolyethyleneoxideMW;PEG 200-8000;Tri-(2,3-Dibromopropyl) Phosphate;Polyethylene glycol - 6000 grade;PEG 200;PEG 400;PEG 6000;Poly(ethylene oxide);PEO;PEG 600;Polyethyleneoxidemonomethacryloxymonotrimethylsiloxyterminated;O-Methacryloxy(polyethyleneoxy)trimethylsilane;PEG;Poly ethylene glycol;Carmowax;carbowax;PEG 8000;Polyethylene glycol series;Polyethylene Glycol;Polyethylene glygcol;PEG-400;
Molecular Structure: Poly ethylene glycol 25322-68-3
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