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Ammonia water

Details for Ammonia water

Ammonia water


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Ammonia water
CAS NO: 1336-21-6
EC NO: 215-647-6
Molecular Formula: NH3·H2O
Molecular Weight: 35.0458
InChI: InChI=1/H3N.H2O/h1H3;1H2
Product description:

Molecular formula: NH4OH
CAS NO: 1336-21-6
EC NO: 215-647-6

Main performance: 

This product (at atmospheric pressure) is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor, density decreases with the increasing of concentration, when the concentration is 15%, its density is 0.94, weakly alkaline, volatile, toxic, corrosive, especially for copper; can react with acidic oxide and produce salt and water, the volatilization of ammonia is reduced after carbonation, the higher the degree of carbonation, this effect is more obvious. 

Mainly used for wastewater treatment, chemical industry to produce ammonium salts, auxiliaries and pH adjustment for textile industry, also used in pharmaceuticals, leather, thermos bile, rubber, alkalization of oil and agricultural fertilization.

Synonyms: Ammonia;Ammonia water (JP15);Ammoniac [French];Ammoniaca [Italian];Ammoniak;Amoniak [Polish];AZAN;Nitro-sil;Peramine;Ammonia water;
Molecular Structure: Ammonia water 1336-21-6
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