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About us
When one talks of the Indian Rosin Industry, one cannot but talk of the House of Dujodwala, the oldest and the largest primary producers of Rosin in the private sector in India. From small beginnings with a small scale unit in 1949 for manufacturing Rosin and Turpentine, the Dujodwalas have today emerged as the dominant players in the field of Rosins and Rosin Derivatives, Terpene Chemicals, Synthetic Resin, Alkyl Phenolic Resin, Pure Phenolic Resin, Foundry Resin, Ester gum, Ketonic Resin, Polyester Resin and Camphor. With investments of over Rs. 200 million in fixed assets, mostly out of owned funds, and with an established product range and economic size of operations, the traditionally conservative House of Dujodwalas is now all set to embrace the new culture of privatization and integration with global economy, that is now sweeping India. In this context, the House of Dujodwalas, driven by an ambitious younger generation, is drawing up plans for across-the-board investments in forward integration and downstream projects.
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812, Tulsiani Chambers, 212, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021.
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