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Polymers/Synthetic resin and plastics

CAS NO: 219859-83-3
Molecular Formula: C8H15NO2·ClH
Molecular Weight: 193.67
Product description:

Polypropylene(PP) made by polymerization of propylene monomer has three kind of stereospecific structure as the arrangement type of the methyl group during polymerization. These are Isotatic PP, Syndiotactic PP and Atactic PP..

Commercially most valuable structure is one of Isotatic PP owing to the high crystilinity and good mechanical, thermal properties. So generally PP indicates Isotatic PPHomopolymer is the polypropylene made by polymerization of one component, propylene. It has good stiffness and heat resistance.Copolymer is made by polymerization of two component propylene and ethylene to improve the properties. Copolymer includes impact copolymer improving impact strength and random copolymer improving transparency and flexibility.

Synonyms: 4-Piperidinol,propanoate (ester), hydrochloride (9CI)
Molecular Structure: PP 219859-83-3
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