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Details for PVC



Polymers/Synthetic resin and plastics

CAS NO: 9002-86-2
EC NO: 200-831-0
Molecular Formula: (C2H3Cl)n
Molecular Weight: 62.4982
InChI: InChI=1/C2H3Cl/c1-2-3/h2H,1H2
Product description:

PVC has homeogenous particle sizes and best porosity, it can absorb additives with high efficiency, so we can reduce mixing time and produce nice looking final product. Especially, concerning with plastic manufacturing facilities and properties, it has remarkable mechanical and electric properties such as anti-shock strength, anti-tension strength and heating productivity.

PVC is used for bottles. sheets. film, joints, pipes, profiles, hose, electric wire, calendaring, film leather etc.

Synonyms: Pvc resin;Polyvinyl chloride film;Poly(1-chloroethylene);Polyvinyl chloride sheet;Vinyl chloride homopolymer latex;Polyvinyl chloride granula;Polyvinyl chloride mixture granula,modified;Polyvinyl chloride resin;Polyvinyl chloride;Armodour;Atactic poly(vinyl chloride);Bakelite;Boltaron;Carina;Chloroethylene homopolymerise;Chloroethylene homopolymerise [french];Chloroethylene polymer;Dacovin;Dynadur;Expanded polyvinyl chloride;Genotherm;Hostalit;Poly(vinyl chloride);Chloroethene homopolymer (9ci);Ethene, chloro-, homopolymer;Ethylene, chloro-, polymer;Polyvinylchloride;Chloroethylene, polymer;PVC;chloroethene;
Molecular Structure: PVC 9002-86-2
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