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About us

Founded in 1993, Chem One Ltd. is a chemical forwarder of a variety of dry chemical compounds used in almost every industry as raw materials to produce other compounds or finished products. We import these products in large volumes from many different countries. We stock them in our own warehouse and sell them to chemical distributors, compounders and agricultural dealers.

Our efforts focus on meeting the raw material requirements of our customers. We locate international sources of supplies, arrange for shipment, import and maintain local inventories to shorten lead times, and provide our customers with one convenient location where they can purchase various products in truckload and less than truckload volumes.

We add value by driving down the total costs associated with each transaction. Shortening the supply chain generates the savings. Our multi product line helps our customers control their own inventories; mixed product shipments reduce freight costs and increase inventory turns. We pay special attention to their increasingly complex quality control, compliance and pricing requirements.

In this business of handling chemicals, quality and safety issues are often intertwined. Importing and warehousing chemicals requires special skills. Packages have to comply with OSHA, DOT, and Customs regulations. Certificates of Analysis have to be checked, batch numbers on bags recorded, broken bags quarantined. Much of the work is physical and tedious. The warehouse personnel must be trained to assure the work is done safely and accurately. Training must be product specific. Most public warehouses don抰 have the resources to handle the job and many importers don抰 inspect their own shipments. They send them to their customers and hope for the best. Chem One Ltd. takes a different approach. We use our own staff to do the work. Corporate offices are located inside the warehouse facility. We believe every effort must be made to solve problems before our customers take possession of the product.

Chem One Ltd. is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and has successfully completed the Responsible Distribution Process documentation verification assessment. We are certified to ISO 9001. We are also members of the Copper task force and own an EPA registration for Copper Sulfate.

Our warehouse and corporate offices are located in Houston, Texas in a 78,000+ square foot facility equipped and permitted to handle a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous solids. For special needs, we also utilize an independent contract facility in Tampa, Florida.

We would be pleased to hear from you. It would be a privilege to work with you on specific requirements.

Contact us
Web site:
8017 Pinemont Dr., Suite 100,Houston, TX 77040-6519
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