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Details for SILOXANES



Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO: 63148-53-8
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Specification: ORGANO-MODIFIED
Synonyms: Silicone;Silicones;Siloxanes;Siloxanes and Silicones;Siloxanes and Silicones,polymers;1000CP;100CS;109Superwash Wool Finish;10E;12000T;1300RTU;1MF;2-5791SP;290L;2MF;2MMT;3006B; 330LN;3625LSR;38197VP;3M 467;409HS;40Q-SI;47V20;51XA561;6002C;621V230;6N2HF-AXN;7460PEX;803TF;A 1310;A1310 (silicone);A 154;A 3;A 3 (silicone);AB;AD 8719D;AD 9003;ADF 18;ADF57;ADM 80-1;AF 2K; AF 30IND;AF 8E; AF-A;AF-C;AF-C (siloxane);AF-FG 10;AFC-G;AGM 101;AK 0.65; AK 168;AK 2000000; AK 350;AK 8801;AK 8803;AKOR-B100;AM 200; AM 200 (softener);AMA 70;AMP;AMSP;AP 200; AP 200 (silicone);APK 7;APK 7 (silicone);APS 222;APS V-Soft;APZ 6615;APZ 6661;AQ 110NV;AQ310N;AR 20;AR 350; AR 500;ARK 10;AS 4;AS 4 (silicone);AS 4000;AS 4010;AS 46;AS 60;AS 60 (siloxane);AS 8E; AS 8a;ATF 1;ATF 1 (silicone);ATF 2;ATF 2 (silicone);AU 331;AX-F 2014;AY 42-146U10;AY 42-151;AY 42-170; AY 49;AYR 20;Abil B 88163;Abil K; Abil K 3270;Abil wax 9800;Abilwax 9800D;Abperl;Accuglass 311;Accuglass 314;Acquafilcon A; Adatosil 1000;Addid 160;Addid 700;Addid 720; Addid 810; Addithane SI 3193; Additol VXL 4930;AdditolXL 121; Additol XL 204; Additol XW 329;Afcona 2021;Agitan 731; Agitan 770;Agitan E 256; Agnique DF 6889;Ahcovel S; Ahydrosil K; Ahydrosil Na; Airex 900;Airex 970;Albiquat 3272; Alchem 131;Alchem 71D5;Alchem 76028;Alcoprint PLO;Ales Eco Silicone;Alesco Silicone Clear;Alphasil 2000;Alusil 2704; Alusil NA2704;Alusil NA 55;Amisil;Anhydrosil KT/K;Antifoam 110A-EU;Antifoam 1410;Antifoam 1430; Antifoam 8810; Antifoam 8830FG; Antifoam C;Antifoam CE;Antifoam DB 110N; Antifoam H 10;Antifoam Y 30;Antimussol N 29;Apolar 10C;Aqua Seal; Aqua Seal 1100;Aqua Seal 1100N;Aqua Seal 63E; Aqua Seal 75E;Aqua-Trete Emulsion EM;Aqualen N; Aqualine R 120;Aquaprism;Aquaseal 1300CR;Aquelux606; Arcophob NCS;Arcophob NRS;Arkophob WI;Atomusera 300;Avivan SI;AvivanSO;B 123;B 191;B 20;B 20 (silicone);B 4113LF;B 4690;B 5246;B 617;
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