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Heat Resistance Silicone Resin

  Post Date: Feb 04,2023
  Expiry Date: Aug 03,2023
  Detailed Description: Product Name: Heat Resistance Silicone Resin
Item No.: SilibaseSR-6501
Performance and Use:
SilibaseSR-6501 Heat Resistance Silicone Resin is a polysiloxane containing silicon oxide as the main chain. After curing and crosslinking, it becomes a slightly elastic and tough crosslinked resin. It is a new type of high temperature resistant insulating material with excellent performance. The resin has high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation performance, moisture resistance, water resistance, flame retardancy and corrosion resistance. Its main performance has reached the domestic advanced level and is widely used in the aerospace industry, household appliances, electronics, motors, chemicals, modified metal oxides, mica insulation materials and other industries.
Main Specifications of SilibaseSR-6501 Heat Resistance Silicone Resin:
● Exterior: Colorless or light-yellow liquid, no mechanical impurities
● Viscosity (CP,25℃): ≥1000
● PH Value: 6~7
● Silicone content: ≥98%
● Refractive index (20℃): 1.40±0.02
● Gel time (min/250℃): 15~90 (Gel time can be adjusted according to user needs)
● Thermal weight loss (400℃,3h): <5%
● Electrical performance: Film breakdown strength>97KV/mm (Normal)
● Saving period: More than half a year
Foreign Comparison Grade: This product is similar to Japanese TSR-127 resin.
Packaging and Storage:
Packed in plastic drums (50kg/barrel), stored in a ventilated, dry place to prevent direct sunlight. This product is non-dangerous.

  Company: Jiande City Silibase Silicone New Material Manufacturer Co., Ltd     [ China ]          
  Contact: Kobe
  Tel: +86-0571-64537063
  Fax: +86-0571-64537093
  Email: sales@silibasesilicone.com
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