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Acrylic PVC Processing aid Sparking Regulator LP series

  Post Date: Nov 05,2022
  Expiry Date: May 04,2023
  Detailed Description:

Acrylic PVC Processing aid Sparking Regulators are the copolymer, which is formed by the ACR monomer with latex, and they are also ultra-high molecular weight polymer with multi-layer structure self developed by us.


2.Types: ACR-LP530, ACR-LP400, ACR-LP531


3.Technical Specification:

The intrinsic viscosity is in the chloroform solution, 25 centigrade is put and determined with 0.4-0.5mm Ukraine type viscometer.


4. Characteristics and Application

Acrylic PVC Processing aid Sparking Regulators are specially used in low foam density, such as PVC foam pipes, core pipes, boards and profiles .If you add our products LP530, LP531, LP400 into your production line of low foam density products, they can accelerate the plasticization of PVC, greatly increase the strength of the melting body, thus the foams will distribute well and have the dense air bubbles, obtain more well distributed foamed structure, low density and better surface quality.


5.the range of usage

1) Low foam density boards.

2) Low foam density pipes.

3) Low foam density profiles.


6.Packing details: 20kgs or 25kgs/bag



7.Recommending Prescription:

 PVC (Value 58-62)  100

Tribasic lead sulfate  2.0

Dibasic lead stearate  0.5

Calcium stearate  1.0

Olefim  0.8

Fatty acid ester  0.6

Glycerin monostearate  0.8

AC foaming agent  0.8

ACR regulator  3.0-8.0

Admex  1.0

Activated calcium carbonate  5.0

Titamium dioxide  suitable

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