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  Post Date: Jun 18,2014
  Expiry Date: Dec 15,2014
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :9001-62-1 Quantity: high quality
Specs:Lipase for Bread Improver. 1. Decompose fat i
Payment Method: T/T, L/C
Main feature
Enhance the stability of dough, increase loaf volume, improve crumb structure and make it whiter, gives better oven spring.
Decompose fat in dough, and yield natural emulsifier to substitute chemical emulsifier.
Replace harmful chemical additive such as kalium bromate and benzoylperoxide..

The optimal dosage is generally 10-30ppm (1-3g/100kg flour), but it could be changed with the different kind of flour and producing procedure.

10/25kg Cardboard Drum
7.332MT/20’FCL, No Pallet
5.414 MT/20’FCL,On Pallet

Storage and Shelf life
This product should be kept in a cool dry location. It will keep for at least one year, if stored in original package.

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  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;Rizolipase;Accelerase;Allzyme Lipase;Amano N-AP;Butyrinase;Chirazyme L;E.C.;Enzylon PF;Fetipase;Fluozim G 3Kh;Fungal lipase;GA 56 (Enzyme);GA-56;Glycerol ester hydrolase;Ilozyme;Lipase AP;Lipase, fungal;Lipase, triacylglycerol;Lipazin;Meito MY 30;Remzyme PL 600;Rizolipasa [INN-Spanish];Rizolipasum;Rizolipasum [INN-Latin];Steapsin;LipozymeTL100L;TheraCLEC-Lipase;Triacetinase;Triacylglycerol hydrolase;Triacylglycerol lipase;Tributyrase;Tributyrin esterase;Tributyrinase;Triglyceride hydrolase;Triglyceride lipase;Triolein hydrolase;Tween esterase;Tween hydrolase;Tweenase;UNII-8MYC33932O;UNII-FQ3DRG0N5K;Lipase of Rhizopus arrhizus var. Delemar;Plant lipase;Animal lipase;PPL;Lipozyme TL IM;Lipozyme 435;Lipozyme CALB L;Lipozyme RM IM;Palatase 20000L;Recombinant lipase A;Triacylglycerollipaza;XHlip-F;

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