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MQ Methyl Silicone Resin Liquid

  Post Date: Mar 20,2023
  Expiry Date: Sep 16,2023
  Detailed Description: Product Name: MQ Methyl Silicone Resin Liquid
Item No.: SilibaseSR-6201S
Performance Characteristics:
SilibaseSR-6201S MQ Methyl Silicone Resin Liquid is a unique silicone high molecular polysiloxane compound with a tight spherical structure with a two-layer structure. It has excellent heat resistance, film formability, adhesion, water repellency, aging resistance and UV radiation resistance. Methyl MQ Silicone Resin can be used as a tackifier for silicone pressure sensitive adhesives, architectural sealants, organic resin coatings, etc., mobile phone buttons, epoxy adhesive bonding, etc.
Physical Features of SilibaseSR-6201S MQ Methyl Silicone Resin Liquid:
● Exterior: Colorless transparent liquid
● Solid content (%): 50-60
● Viscosity (25℃): 10-15S (Painted - 4cups)
● M/Q Value: 0.6-0.9
Scope of Application:
● Used as a tackifier for silicone pressure sensitive adhesives;
● The production of high temperature coatings, for the insulation and bonding, sealing, etc. of the H-class motor;
● As a reinforcing additive in the condensation type liquid silicone rubber, the reinforced silicone rubber is colorless and transparent, and has high mechanical strength;
● Can produce a variety of waterproof coatings, is the ideal material for the production of lipstick, etc. in the chemical industry;
● A release agent that can be used to make a variety of materials;
● As a basic raw material added to the defoaming agent, the defoaming and antifoaming ability can be improved.
Packaging and Storage of SilibaseSR-6201S MQ Methyl Silicone Resin Liquid:
Packed in 25kg cardboard drum or 200kg lined plastic iron drum. Store at room temperature for a period of six months, powder and silicone oil type for one year. Storing for longer than the best end of life indicated on the label does not mean that the product cannot continue to be used. However, in this case, it needs to be re-tested.

  Company: Jiande City Silibase Silicone New Material Manufacturer Co., Ltd     [ China ]          
  Contact: Kobe
  Tel: +86-0571-64537063
  Fax: +86-0571-64537093
  Email: sales@silibasesilicone.com
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