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PU Footwear Mould Release Agent

  Post Date: Feb 03,2023
  Expiry Date: Aug 02,2023
  Detailed Description: Product Name: PU Footwear Mould Release Agent
Item No.: SilibaseMD-4309
Physical Data of SilibaseMD-4309 PU Footwear Mould Release Agent:
● Appearance:Milky white liquid
● PH Value :Neutral
● force:N/100cm²≤40
● Working temperature :40~80℃
● Dilution ratio (by weight) :1:20 for polyether and 1:25 for polyester
● Density: 0.98-1.01 g/ml
● Solid content :30-33%
Characteristics of SilibaseMD-4309 PU Footwear Mould Release Agent:
● Reduce build-up on mold surface and control transfer to the molded products.
● Lower scrap rates in molding operations to increase productivity.
● Help to achieve post-processing (adhesion, gloss varnish, paint etc.)
Usage of SilibaseMD-4309 PU Footwear Mould Release Agent:
● Spray 3-5 layers for new mold or cleaned mold evenly with the release agent fully covered in mold.
● You can use an air gun to blow-dry the release agent and finally use a clean cotton cloth to wipe the mold. Release agent must be thorough dry before PU injection.
● Every time after releasing the entire mold evenly coated with a fresh layer of mold release agents, in order to ensure good release effect.
● Before doing post-processing, requiring wash by detergent or solvent after demoulding.

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