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PU Rigid Foam Release Agent

  Post Date: Feb 03,2023
  Expiry Date: Aug 02,2023
  Detailed Description: Product Name: PU Rigid Foam Release Agent
Item No.: SilibaseRA-4302
Description: SilibaseRA-4302 PU Rigid Foam Release Agent is solvent based release agent. SilibaseRA-4302 PU Rigid Foam Release Agent is good at demoulding on metal molds and resin molds, easy to clean product. Typically, suitable for rigid polyurethane foam molding and Semi-rigid foam production line.
Application of SilibaseRA-4302 PU Rigid Foam Release Agent: Mainly used for synthetic wood products, decorative ornaments, automotive anti-collision parts, imitation wood f u r n i t u r e, mannequin, and plastic substitutes.
Feature of SilibaseRA-4302 PU Rigid Foam Release Agent:
Easy to be used operation and efficient demoulding performance. Finished product is smooth surface, excellent adhesion and heat stability. The mold and finished product are easy to wash without influence on after-processing for painting and adhesion etc.
Physical Features:
● Appearance:Milky white liquid
● Ingredient:Polymer composite material
● Density:0.80~0.82 g/ml
● Dilution Rate (by weight):1:30-40 mix with gasoline or n-hexane or naphtha
● Working Temperature:30℃~180℃
Usage Instruction:
● Use a proper mold cleaning agent or solvent to clean the mold, to clean old residual removal agent or other pollutant, and use the clean cotton cloth, use benzoline or chlorinated solvent to wipe and stay in the dry air circumstance.
● Recommended to dilute concentrate to 1:30-40 by the weight please test in the practice for accurate dilution ratio. Remember to use suitable diluents to mix with concentrate. 3. During the normal operating temperature, spray removal agent on the mold 4-5 times, each coat needs to ensure that has a whole thin film on the mold and dry the removal agent before molding.
● Start molding production. After each injection into aluminum molds and remolding, need to spray a new thin film of removal agent on the mold, to make sure next time can be easy to demoulding.
● After finished product remolding, require doing sandblasting/sanding and washing process. Then proceed to paint color and other post-processing.
Packaging Specifications: 20kgs/barrel, 160kgs/drum
Valid time: 12 months at least under original sealed container under 10℃~50℃.

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