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STPP Substitute and Optical Brightener

  Post Date: Nov 30,2021
  Expiry Date: May 29,2022
  Detailed Description:

Features (APSM):

1) Active poly sodium metasilicate, which is an effective and quick-dissolving non-phosphorus builder, and the calcium and magnesium ion exchange capacity is superior to the 4A Zeolite and other builder of phosphorus substitution

2) All of the characteristics are similar to STPP. APSM has good compatibility with variety surfactants, and with single stain removal capacity

3) Good fluidity and stability

4) Applicable to be used in detergent production slurry preparation and post-blending process

5) Energy saving and decline the production cost

6) Widely used in domestic detergent powder factories

Features (PMA):

1) Strong calcium and magnesium chelating function

2) Acid-resistant property is superior to the STPP and improves the stain removable ability

3) Acts as hard water chelating agent and dispersing agent in liquid detergent, to substitute the phosphate

4) Can substitute CMC act as the anti-re-deposition, to be mixed with STPP and 4A Zeolite and act as the complexing agent to improve the liquid detergent performance

Features (CXT fluorescent whitening agent):

1) Superior whitening agent which be used in the liquid detergent

2) High mixed proportion and accumulated washing white degree, which can satisfy any mixed proportion in industrial liquid detergent

3) The CXT anti-chlorine poaching performance is superior to 31# and VBL fluorescent whitening agent

Features (AOS-Alpha-Olefin Sulphonate):

1) AOS is a kind of olefin sulphonate

2) Good wetting property and stain removable capacity

3) Rich in foam and stability, superior washing power

4) Synthesis performance is superior to LAS, acid and alkali-resistant,especially cannot be affected by the water quality

5) Mildness to human skin, to mix with LABS, which can improve the detergent powder synthesis performance, and decline LABS usage and raw material cost as well

6) Includes AOS featured in rich foam, fineness, good hand feeling and easy to poaching

7) Widely used in variety liquid detergent

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