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Self-drying Silicone Resin

  Post Date: Mar 19,2023
  Expiry Date: Sep 15,2023
  Detailed Description: Product Name: Self-drying Silicone Resin
Item No.: SilibaseSR-6604
Main Ingredient:
SilibaseSR-6604 Self-drying Silicone Resin is synthesized by reacting phenyl, methyl chlorosilane and a special silane monomer, and is prepared by using toluene or xylene.
Technical Indicators of SilibaseSR-6604 Self-drying Silicone Resin:
● Exterior: Light yellow transparent liquid, allowing milky white light, no mechanical impurities
● Solid content (150℃,2h,%): 50±1
● Viscosity (Tu-4cup,25℃,S): 20-40
● Dry time (25℃), min: <30
Performance and Use:
SilibaseSR-6604 Self-drying Silicone Resin is a normal temperature self-drying silicone resin. It has high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and good electrical insulation. It can be dried at room temperature, high hardness, strong impact resistance and excellent heat resistance. This product has the advantages of energy saving and convenient construction due to self-drying at room temperature and low temperature baking. It is suitable for the coating of large equipment and workpieces that cannot be baked, the impregnation of H-class coils and motors, and the protection and resistance of metal surfaces in high temperature environments. Oxidation and anti-rust treatment.
● The resin should avoid contact with compounds such as acids, alkalis, organic salts and amines, otherwise it will accelerate the curing and gelation, thus affecting the performance of the product.
● The thinner used must not contain moisture, sulfides and other impurities, otherwise it will affect the adhesion, dryness and other properties of the paint film.
● During the resin processing, a large amount of flammable and explosive gases such as organic solvents will be volatilized. Attention should be paid to strengthen the ventilation at the operation site, pay attention to fire prevention, and cut off the fire source. Operators should pay attention to labor protection.
Packaging and Storage:
● Dry and clean 200KG iron drum, sealed and sealed. Store in a ventilated, dry place, not near a heat source, storage temperature is 0-30℃, to prevent direct sunlight.
● This product is safe to transport. The storage period is half a year, and the overdue inspection is qualified and can still be used.

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