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Sulphonation Plant

  Post Date: Jul 01,2022
  Expiry Date: Dec 28,2022
  Detailed Description: Specs:Different Types Production Lines
1.Advanced sulphonation technology
For the multi-tube falling film sulfonator, designed by our company, adopt high-precision flow meter for each reaction tube to control flow rate separately, and make control precision up to 1.5%,and handle easily. The more tubes, its superiority will be showed more. During the production process, it could inspect flow rate of organic material of each tube at any moment, and judge indirectly some reaction tube whether there is any reaction tube to coke.
2.Adopt secondary protection air in Sulfonation reactor, and secondary protection air amount could be adjusted by outside pipeline valve. Secondary protection air could increase SO3 concentration, and there is a longer reaction interval at the beginning of the reaction. Also it increase the cooling area and control the reaction temperature peak value to decrease product tint.
3.Adopt Germany Kronotex mass flow meter for sulfonic acid flow rate, which not only indicate sulfonated acid flow rate but also control feeding pump revolution speed by transducer to adjust LAB feeding amount. When start up, adopt manual adjustment, until system become stable, switch it to automatic control. Make sure to control it smoothly without much frequent adjustment.
4.Reaction heat is removed by circulating cooling water. For better cooling effect, adopt special structure technology, to increase coefficient of thermal transmission and improve cooling effect and vibration resulted from water impact reaction tube.
5. Adopt pumping continuous neutralization style. Control caustic soda flow rate according to flow rate of sulfonated material. PH flow meter on this line adjust the flow rate precision of caustic soda and neutralized soft water according to proportion. Adopt mass flow meter to control caustic soda flow rate. Adopt vortex or mass flow meter to control process water flow rate.
6.Adopt advanced computer control system
Sulfonation plant and continuous neutralization instruments system is consist of host computer system including Dell PC and wincc6.0 software, siemens PLC system, field first instrument, and MCC control system, which is divided by MCC room and PC operating room. Set two PLC cabinets, two operator working stations (host computer system),and one of them could be as engineer station. Monitoring operation of full complete plant is made in operating room or site operation.
7. Suitable for varieties of material production with a large room for adjustment.
Advanced sulfonation technology and process equipment could make products with fine quality. Except the product LABSA, it could produce SLES by AEO2 or AEO3. Otherwise, it could produce AOS by α-alkene or SAS by fatty alcohol.
8.Decrease energy consumption
Since adopt advanced sulfonated reactor, not only increase inlet gas concentration, but also decrease flow velocity when SO3 enter into sulfonated reactor, also lower requirements for outlet pressure Roots blower than other sulfonation reactor’s, to reduce energy consumption by 5%-10%.

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