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Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite

Category :

Inorganic chemicals

CAS NO : 7778-54-3
EC NO : 231-908-7
Molecular Formula : Ca(ClO)2
Main Specifications : 65%,70%
Synonyms : Calciumhypochloritetech;Bleaching powder;hypochlorous acid;calcium dihypochlorite;
Calcium Hypochlorite
Package: N.W.45KG,50KG drum
Uses : Bleaching ,disinfection,water treatment etc
Molecular Structure:Calcium Hypochlorite 7778-54-3
Product description: 1. Properties: Product name: Calcium Hypochlorite Form: Granular, Powder, Granular and Powder Mixed, Tablet. EINECS NO.:231-908-7 CAS No.: 7778-54-3 HS.Code: 2828100000 UN NO.:1748/2880 Molecular Weight: 142.98 Molecular Formula: Ca(ClO)2 Appearance: White or Light Grey. Granule:12mesh-28mesh,12mesh-24mesh etc 2. Specification: Items Specification I. Sodium Process II. Calcium Process Super First Qualifier Super First Qualifier Effective Chlorine(Cl) 70%min 67%min 65%min 65%min 60%min 55%min NaCl/Sodium Chloride 9-15% 9-15% 9-15% ---------- ----------- ----------- CaCl/Calcium Chloride ---------- ----------- ----------- 9%max 10%max 12%max Moisture(H2O) 5-10% 5-10% 5-10% 3%max 3%max 3%max Annual Loss Rate 10%max 10%max 10%max 8%max 8%max 10%max Granularity(0.055-2mm) 90%min 85%min 85%min 90%min 85%min 85%min Appearance: White or light-grey Powder, granular, granular and powder mixed or tablets Additional Information: EINECS NO.:231-908-7 CAS No.: 7778-54-3 HS.Code: 2828100000 UN.NO.:2880/1748 Molecular Weight: 142.98 Formula: Ca(ClO)2 3. Applications: a) Bleaching of wood pulp, cotton, hemp, silk, cloth, fiber etc. b) Widely used in disinfection of drinking water, hotel, hospital, swimming pool, pond and bath room c) Used in the anti-shrinkage treatment of wool, bleaching of textiles, and used as chlorating agent of rubbers. 4. Package: Packed in 10kgs,25kgs,40kgs,45kgs,50kgs plastic drums or iron drums with PVC plastic bag 5. Instruction: a) 100Kg 65% bleaching powder added to one ton water can be confected into bleaching solution with 6.5% effective chlorine content. b) Adding 1.7g bleaching powder into one ton water can be confected into disinfectant fluid with a million to one effective chlorine content.. 6. Advantages of our products: a) High effective chlorine content b) Particularly good stability, can be stored for long time under normal temperature, little efficiency content loss c) High solubility, easily dissolve in water to form high concentrate bleaching solution with little undissolved substance 7. Attention and Storage: Calcium Hypochlorite is a strong oxidant. Should be stored in dry, cool and ventilated place; avoid insolation, fire and heat; do keep it from mixing with organic substances, acids ,oil or reducing agents. when the package is broken and scatters,fast collecting and airproofing the product in time, if the skin be touched with it ,fast washing with diluted ammonia solution. 8. Fire Fighting: Put out a fire with yellow sand, carbon dioxide and foam, don’t use ordinary vitriol fire extinguisher
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