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2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid

Details for 2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid

2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid


Intermediates/Flavor and fragrance intermediates

2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
CAS NO: 27176-87-0
EC NO: 248-289-4
Molecular Formula: C18H30O3S
Molecular Weight: 326.494
Specification: Active matter 96 Min
InChI: InChI=1/C18H30O3S/c1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-14-17-15-12-13-16-18(17)22(19,20)21/h12-13,15-16H,2-11,14H2,1H3,(H,19,20,21)
Packing: 220kgs/plastic drum
Product description:
LABSA-Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid 96%MIN Chemical synonym:LABSA;Dodecyl benzene Sulfonic Acid; DBSAFormulaRC6H4SO3H, R=C10H21-C13H27PropertiesBrown Viscous liquid; Boiling Point(°C): >100; Specific Gravity/Density (g/ml): 1.029 HS No.34021100 CAS No27176-87-0 EINECS No248-289-4 ApplicationUsed as material for cleaning agents, detergents and other surfactants
Uses: Detergent,household detergent, laundry powder,launry liquid,dishwashing liquid
Synonyms: n-Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid;Dodecylbenzensulfonic acid (soft type);LABSA;Linear alkylbenzenesulfonic acid;Benzenesulfonic acid, dodecyl-;Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid;Dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid;Laurylbenzenesulfonic acid;Richonic acid B;4-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid;2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid;Linear chain alkylbenzene sulfonic acid;Dodecyl AlkylBenzene Sulfonic Acid;
Molecular Structure: 2-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid 27176-87-0
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