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N,N-Bishydroxyethyl cocoamine

Details for N,N-Bishydroxyethyl cocoamine

N,N-Bishydroxyethyl cocoamine


Soaps and Cosmetics/Detergents

N,N-Bishydroxyethyl cocoamine
CAS NO: 68603-42-9
EC NO: 271-657-0;263-163-9
Molecular Formula: C13H13Cl8NO4
Molecular Weight: 530.87062
InChI: InChI=1/C8H6Cl2O3.C3Cl6O.C2H7N/c9-5-1-2-7(6(10)3-5)13-4-8(11)12;4-2(5,6)1(10)3(7,8)9;1-3-2/h1-3H,4H2,(H,11,12);;3H,1-2H3
Packing: 220kgs/plastic drum
Product description:
Detailed introduction to Coconutt Diethanol Amide: CDEA - Cocamide DEA, Diethanolamine of coconut oil, Coconutt Diethanol Amide 1.Specifications: ANALYSIS SPECIFICATION TEST REPORT Appearance light yellow clean liquid PASS Color(APHA) Max.300 250 Amide content Min.78% 79.83 Free amine value 10-35 27.38 PH value(1% solu) 9.0-11.0 10.1 Refractive index 1.4697-1.4816 1.47 Ester Max.5% 4.8 Free amine content 1.87-6.55% 4.85 Free fatty acid Max.0.5% 0.3 2. Usage: It is well suited as a foam stabiliser in all types of detergents. One of its most important application is to increase the viscosit of liquid preparations based on ether sulphate. Its skin compatibility makes it an important constituent of shampoos and cosmetics. Even small quantities combat excessive degreasing of the skin and as a result all high quality shampoos and cosmetic preparations cotain fatty acid diethanolamide. The proportion of CDEA in cosmetic preparations varies between 1 and 6%. In liquid detergents the proportions can be as high as 10%. It is easily mixed - either without heating or slightly heated. It is not fully soluble, but is readily dispersible in water.
Uses: detergent raw materials
Synonyms: Coco bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amine;Diethanolamine coconut fatty acid condensate;Diethanolamine N-coco alkyl derivs.;N,N-Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)(coconut oil alkyl)amine;N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl)cocoamine;N,N-Bishydroxyethyl cocoamine;UNII-92005F972D;Ethanol, 2,2'-iminobis-, N-coco alkyl derivs.;Diethanolamine of coconut fatty acid;Cocamide Diethanolamine;Detergent 6501;Bis(2- Hydroxyethyl) Cocoalkyl amine;
Molecular Structure: N,N-Bishydroxyethyl cocoamine 68603-42-9
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