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caustic soda solid

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caustic soda solid

Product Name:

Sodium hydroxide


Caustic soda; lye, caustic; sodium hydrate; soda lye; white caustic; caustic soda flakes; flake caustic; caustic soda solid; caustic soda pearls; solid caustic soda; Liquid Caustic Soda; Food Additives Sodium Hydroxide; Caustic soda flake; Solid Sodium hydroxide; Caustic  Soda; Sodium  Hydrate; Liquid CS



EINECS: 215-185-5
Molecular Weight: 41.0045
Molecular Formula: NaOH
Melting Point(℃): 318℃
Boiling Point(℃): 100°C at 760 mmHg
Water Solubility: SOLUBLE
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R35;     Details
Safety Description:
 S24/25;S37/39;S45; Details
caustic soda solid

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Wibax   Enquiry for Soda lye

Address: Wibax AB Batterigatan 12 941 47 Pite SWEDEN Other products:
Telephone: +46(0)911-250 200
Fax: +46(0)911-250 299
Web Site: www.wibax.sesvc/serv00925223

Syntapharm   Enquiry for Sodium Hydroxide

Address: Germany Other products:
Telephone: +49-(0)208-3069-2000
Fax: +49-(0)208-3069-2300
Web Site: svc/serv00925232

Norkem Ltd   Enquiry for Caustic Soda

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 44 (0)1565 755550
Fax: 44 (0)1565 755496
Web Site: www.norkem.comsvc/serv00925292

Epenhuysen Chemicals   Enquiry for Caustic Soda

Address: Noordweg 33336 LH Zwijndrecht The Netherlands Other products:
Telephone: +31-78-6250000
Fax: +31-78-6250050
Web Site: svc/serv00925380

CHEM 2004 C.V.   Enquiry for caustic soda

Address: A. van Scheltemaplein 402624 PG Delft Other products:
Telephone: (31)15 25 75 900
Fax: (31)15 25 72 505
Web Site: www.chem2000.nlsvc/serv00925409

Biachem Limited & Biachem Specialities Ltd   Enquiry for Caustic Soda

Address: Boundary House, 91/93 Charterhouse Street London EC1M 6HR, UK Other products:
Telephone: +44 020 7250 1905
Fax: +44 020 7250 1913
Web Site: www.biachem.comsvc/serv00925428

Sparkford Chemicals Ltd   Enquiry for Caustic Soda

Address: Other products:
Telephone: +44 (0)23 8022 8747
Fax: 023 8021 0240
Web Site: www.sparkford.co.uksvc/serv00925598

IMPAG GmbH   Enquiry for Sodium Hydroxide

Address: Fritz-Remy-Stra遝 25, D-63071 Offenbach Other products:
Telephone: 49-069-850008-0
Fax: 49-069-850008-90
Web Site: www.impag.desvc/serv00825884

Julius Hoesch GmbH & Co. KG   Enquiry for Caustic soda

Address: Birkesdorfer Stra遝 5 Other products:
Telephone: 49-02421-8070
Fax: 49-02421-807104
Web Site: www.julius-hoesch.desvc/serv00825908

Remy & Co. KG   Enquiry for Caustic Soda

Address: Hammer Steindamm 42 Other products:
Telephone: 49/40/36 90 01-0
Fax: 49/40/36 38 42
Web Site: www.remy-hamburg.desvc/serv00825918
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