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Ammonium sulfate

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Ammonium sulfate

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Ammonium sulfate


Ammonium sulfate (2:1); ammonium sulfate, solution; diammonium sulfate; sulfate, ammonium; sulfuric acid, diammonium salt; ammonium sulphate; Ammonia sulfate



EINECS: 231-984-1
Molecular Weight: 132.1392
Molecular Formula: (NH4)2·SO4
Density: 1.76
Melting Point(℃): 280℃
Water Solubility: 77 g/100 mL (25℃)
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R36/37/38;     Details
Safety Description:
 S26;S37/39; Details
Ammonium sulfate

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Shijiazhuang Taihe Chemical Co.,Ltd.(manufacturer)   Enquiry for Ammonium sulfate

Address: Room 1901,Unit 5 FUTURE MALL BUILDING, No.58 Yucai Str.,Hebei,China Other products:

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Zip: 051430
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Fax: +86-311-87047666
Web Site: www.taihechemical.com3hg/bj16230

Shanxi Jiaocheng Sanxi Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Ammonium sulfate

Address: Yiwang Industrial Zone, Yiwang, Jiaocheng, Shanxi, China Other products:

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Ammonium sulfate

Sodium nitrate

Zip: 030500
Telephone: 13934162383
Fax: 0351-7075221 -805
Web Site: www.sanxichem.comAhg/sh16458

Shandong Wolan Biology Group.   Enquiry for Ammonium sulphate

Address: Juancheng Economic Development Zone, Heze City, Shandong Province, China Other products:

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Ammonium sulphate

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Ammonium Sulfate

Zip: 274600
Telephone: +86-530-2479666 2479555 2479009 2400366 2479898 2409088 2361600 2479888
Fax: +86-530-2479666
Web Site: www.wolanchem.com/about.htmAhg/sd28077

Suzhou Jiuwang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Ammonium sulfate

Address: Eastern Industrial Park, Guangfu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China Other products:

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Sodium thiosulfate

Zip: 215159
Telephone: +86-512-66952720
Fax: +86-512-66957877
Web Site: www.szjiuwang.comAhg/js38377

Shanxi Winto Material Co., Ltd   Enquiry for Ammonium Sulphate

Address: F-1302, Liuxi Garden,No.182 Beida Other products:

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Calcium Ammonium N...

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Zip: 030009
Telephone: 0351-3691566
Fax: 0351-3691577
Web Site: www.wintomaterial.comAhg/bj52548

Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Import & Export Corporation   Enquiry for Ammonium Sulphate

Address: No.319 AiMin St. XiAn Dist.Mudanjiang Heilongjiang China Other products:

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Formic Acid

Sodium Formate

Calcium Formate

Zip: 157000
Telephone: +86-453-6297887,6255887,6228414
Fax: +86-453-6223551,6296887
Web Site: www.mudanjiangchem.comhg/bj13467

Hebei Xingyu Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Ammonium sulfate

Address: Xingyu Building, No.9, Shibai South Street, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang Other products:

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Zip: 050200
Telephone: +86-311-69122818
Fax: +86-311-69122838;69122813
Web Site: www.xingyuchem.comhg/bj13578

Shandong Baoyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for ammonium sulfate

Address: Huantai County Zibo City Shandong Province China Other products:

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Sodium nitrate

Zip: 256401
Telephone: +86-533-6288368 13869388572
Fax: +86-533-6283576
Web Site: www.baoyuanchem.comhg/sd13761

ORICHEM INTERNATIONAL LTD.   Enquiry for Ammonium sulfate

Address: FLAT E,16/F,1 HUAZHE PLAZA,HANGZHOU, CHINA Other products:






Zip: 310006
Telephone: 86-571-85270505
Fax: 86-571-85270303
Web Site: www.orichem.comhg/hz13839

Anshan Beida Synthetic Chemicals Factory   Enquiry for Ammonium sulfate

Address: NO.3,Qianshan West Road,Qianshan district,Anshan City,Liaoning province,China Other products:






Zip: 114011
Telephone: +86-412-8410999,8425000,8439888
Fax: +86-412-8415555,8439333
Web Site: www.chinabeidachem.comhg/db14112
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