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D-Isoascorbic acid

About D-Isoascorbic acid

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D-Isoascorbic acid

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D-Isoascorbic acid


D-Araboascorbic acid; D-erythro-Hex-2-enonic acid, gamma-lactone; Isovitamin C; Erythorbic Acid; (5R)-5-(1,2-dihydroxyethyl)-3,4-dihydroxy-5-methyl-furan-2-one



EINECS: 201-928-0
Molecular Weight: 190.1507
Molecular Formula: C7H10O6
Density: 1.751g/cm3
Melting Point(℃): 167-172℃
Boiling Point(℃): 502.7°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point(℃): 212.9°C
refractive_index: 1.655
Water Solubility: 1g/10mL
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
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Safety Description:
 S24/25; Details
D-Isoascorbic acid

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Great Earth Chemical, LLC   Enquiry for Erythorbic Acid

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