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AP 201; Adflex 7036XCT; Affinity GA 190; BA 616; BI 830; Buna2070P; Buna AP 201; Buna AP 301; Buna AP 337; Buna APBA 644; Buna EP-T 2070P; Buna EPG 2050; CA 35M; CO 034; CO 038; CO 043; Chemipearl A 100; D 2983FR; DE2300; DE 3400; Dutral 8273; Dutral C 0043; Dutral CO; Dutral CO 034; Dutral CO0343; Dutral CO 034PLF; Dutral CO 038; Dutral CO 038FF; Dutral CO 043; DutralCO 054; Dutral CO 059; Dutral CO 554; Dutral CS 18/89; Dutral CTX 032; DutralEP-CS 18/89; Dutral N; Dutral N/C; Dutral N/N; Dutral PM 06; Dutral PM 06PLE; Dutral SO; Dutral TP; Dutral TP 20EL/X; Dutral TP 3-30X; Dutral TP 3-60X; Dutral TP 60X; E 100; E 120P; E 515-80; E 540-80; ECA 9291; EP 01P; EP 01SP; EP01Y; EP 02; EP 02P; EP 07; EP 07P; EP 07Y; EP 1; EP 1 (rubber); EP 11; EP 3045; EP 5065; EP 603A; EP 912; EP 912P; EP 931; EP 961; EP 961P; EP 961SP; EP-MS002; EPK; EPM 306; EPM rubber; EPM-CO-O 34; EPO 2PX; EPR; EPR 306; EPR 3080; EPR 30R; EPR 50; EPR rubber; EPR-EP 01P; EPSh 45; EPT 0045; EPT 3091H; EPT508Z; EPT 57C; EPT-K 9720; ERP-NC; Enjay 404; Enjay EPR; Epcar 306; Epcar306-6G; Epcar 306G8; Epcar 307; Epcar 405; Epcar 505; Epcar 807; Epsyn 4006; Epsyn 7006; Epsyn MDE 251; Esprene 201; Esprene 222; Esprene 514; Esprene 814; Esprene E 100; Esprene E 111P; Esprene E 120P; Esprene E 150P; Esprene E 201; Esprene E 222; Esprene EP 07P; Esprene EP 567; Esprene SPO-E 201; Esprene SPO-V0111; Esprene SPO-V 0132; Esprene SPO-V 0141; Esprene V 0111; Esprene V 0112; Esprene V 0115; Esprene V 0131; Esprene V 0141; Esprene W 0741; Ethylene-propene rubber; Exxelor PE 805; Exxelor PE 901; Exxelor PE-X 1-703F1; Exxelor V 808; Exxelor VM 22; Exxelor VM 2210; Exxelor X 1-703F1; F 3740; GPS393; GSR-EPIIX; Hi-fax RA 061; Hifax 70-36; Hifax CA 35M; Hifax CA 43A; HifaxKS 080; Hostalen APK; ID 45; Idemitsu TPO-R 110E; Intolan 36; J 0030; J 5710; JSR 02P; JSR 07P; JSR-EP 01; JSR-EP 01NS; JSR-EP 01P; JSR-EP 01PX; JSR-EP 01SP; JSR-EP 01Y; JSR-EP 02; JSR-EP 02P; JSR-EP 04; JSR-EP 07; JSR-EP 07P; JSR-EP07Y; JSR-EP 11



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Ethylene-propylenerubber Suppliers

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Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd   Enquiry for ethylene propylene rubber

Address: (Tokyo) : Tokyo Sumitomo Twin Building (East), 27-1, Shinkawa 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8260 (Osaka) : Sumitomo Bulding, 5-33, Kitahama 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-8550, Tel:6-6220-3272 / Fax:6-6220-3345 Other products:

sulfuric acid

nitric acid

ammonium nitrate

liquid ammonia

caustic soda

Telephone: +81-3-5543-5152
Fax: +81-3-5543-5901
Web Site: www.sumitomo-chem.co.jphg/cus10038

Joss Elastomers B.V.,   Enquiry for ethylene-propylene rubber

Address: Luttik Oudorp 11-13 1811 MT Alkmaar Other products:

styrene-butadiene ...

polybutadiene rubb...

polyisoprene rubbe...

butyl rubber

nitrile rubber

Telephone: +31-72-5157064
Web Site: www.joss.nlhg/cus30829

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd   Enquiry for ethylene propylene rubber

Address: Tokyo Sumitomo Twin Building (East), 27-1, Shinkawa 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8260, Japan Other products:
Telephone: 3-5543-5152
Fax: 3-5543-5901
Web Site: www.sumitomo-chem.co.jpsvc/serv05111917

JSR Corporation   Enquiry for Ethylene-Propylene Rubber

Address: 5-6-10 Tsukiji Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8410 Japan Other products:
Telephone: 81-3-5565-6564
Fax: 81-3-5565-6637
Web Site: www.jsr.co.jpsvc/serv00824718

Bayer Rubber Inc.   Enquiry for Ethylene-Propylene Rubber

Address: P. O. Box 3001, 1265, Vidal Street South, Sarnia, Ontario Other products:
Telephone: 1-519-337-7812
Fax: 1-519-339-7862
Web Site: www.bayer.casvc/serv00824971

KDL Precision Molding Corp.   Enquiry for EPR

Address: 11381 Bradley Avenue Pacoima, CA Other products:
Zip: 91331
Telephone: 800-890-9899
Fax: 818-896-8276
Web Site: www.kdlprecision.comsvc/serv01026135

Joss Elastomers B.V.   Enquiry for Ethylene-propylenerubber

Address: Luttik Oudorp 11-13 1811 MT Alkmaar, , Other products:

Propylene tetramer

Sodium hydroxide

Polyvinyl chloride



Telephone: +31-72-5157064
Fax: +31 725 15 43 71
Web Site: www.joss.nlsvc43772
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