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propylene glycol methyl ether acetate

About propylene glycol methyl ether acetate

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propylene glycol methyl ether acetate

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propylene glycol methyl ether acetate


1-methoxy-2-acetoxypropane; 1-methoxy-2-propanol acetate; 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate; (2-(1-methoxy)propyl) acetate; 2-acetoxy-1-methoxypropane; 2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate; pgmea; propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate; propylene glycol 1-methyl ether 2-acetate; propylene glycol 1-monomethyl ether 2-acetate; pma-el; 2-(methoxy)propyl acetate; 2-(1-methoxy)propyl acetate; methoxy propanol acetate; 1-methoxypropan-2-yl acetate; 1-methoxypropyl acetate; (1S)-2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate; (1R)-2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate; (acetato-kappaO)(phenyl)mercury; Methoxy propyl acetate; GLYCOL ETHER PMA



EINECS: 283-152-2
Molecular Weight: 132.1578
Molecular Formula: C6H12O3
Melting Point(℃): -87 °C
Water Solubility: 19.8 g/L (25℃)
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R61;     Details
Safety Description:
 S53; Details
propylene glycol methyl ether acetate

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Ashland Distribution Company, Chemicals   Enquiry for PROPYLENE GLYCOL METHYL ETHER ACETATE

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Moraka Pte Ltd   Enquiry for Methoxy Propyl Acetate

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BP Petrochemicals   Enquiry for Methoxy propyl acetate

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Frinton Laboratories,Inc.   Enquiry for 2-Acetoxy-1-methoxypropane

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Telephone: 1-877-374-6866
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General Chemical Performance Products, LLC   Enquiry for PROPYLENE GLYCOL MONOMETHYL ETHER ACETATE

Address: Parsippany, NJ 07054-0393 Other products:
Zip: 90 E. Halsey Rd.
Telephone: (973)515-0900
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Web Site: www.genchemcorp.comsvc/serv02812555

Organic Chemical Products Company   Enquiry for 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate

Address: JR Shinagawa East Building, 2-18-1, Konan ,Minato-Ku,Tokyo Other products:
Telephone: +81-3-6711-8201
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Somu Organo-Chem Pvt. Ltd.   Enquiry for Methoxy Propyl Acetate

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KYOWA HAKKO CHEMICAL CO., LTD.   Enquiry for Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate

Address: Nihonbashi-Muromachi Center Bldg.3-2-15 Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0022, Japan Other products:
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JEBSEN & JESSEN (GMBH & CO.) KG   Enquiry for Methoxy Propyl Acetate

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Petrochem Middle East FZE   Enquiry for METHOXY PROPYL ACETATE

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