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Sodium thiosulfate

About Sodium thiosulfate

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Sodium thiosulfate

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Sodium thiosulfate


hypo; hyporice; sodium hyposulfite; sodium subsulfite; sodium thiosulfate anydrous; thiosulfuric acid, disodium salt; thiosulfuric acid (h2s2o3), disodium salt; thiopivalic acid sodium salt; sodi-um hyposulfide; dechlorinating solution; betz 0235; sulfurothioic O,O-acid; hydrogen sulfurothioate



EINECS: 231-867-5
Molecular Weight: 158.109
Molecular Formula: Na2S2O3
Melting Point(℃): 48℃
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
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Safety Description:
 S24/25; Details
Sodium thiosulfate

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Taiyuan guangpu chemical co., ltd   Enquiry for sodium hyposulfite

Address: NO.1 ,3rd Row,Chemical Market,NO.64 Shuangta South Alley,Taiyuan, china Other products:

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Fax: +86-351-4689175
Web Site: www.chinachemnet.com/guangpuhg/sh15193

Tianjin Xinxin Biotechnology Research And Development Center   Enquiry for Sodium thiosulfate

Address: Donglantuo Village, Wangwenzhuang Town,Xiqing District,Tianjin, China P.C: 300383 Other products:

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Zip: 300383
Telephone: 86-22-86399960 15202298304
Fax: 86-22-86399961
Web Site: www.znso4.comhg/bj15580

TIANJIN ZHENTAI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.   Enquiry for Sodium thiosulfate

Address: Zhongwang town, Jinghai, Tianjin, China Other products:

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Zip: 301615
Telephone: +86 22 23708931 23708932
Fax: +86 22 23708931
Web Site: www.tjztchem.comhg/bj16023

CNCCC SICHUAN IMPORT/EXPORT CO.,LTD.   Enquiry for Sodium Hyposulfite

Address: 8C Ruili, Palm Garden, 153 KeHua North Rd, Chengdu,Sichuan, P.R.China Other products:

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Zip: 610065
Telephone: +86-28-85258792 85258793 85258791
Fax: +86-28-85258790
Web Site: www.cnccc-sc.comhg/sc16117

SHANGHAI TRUSTIN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD   Enquiry for Sodium thiosulfate

Address: Room 2001, No.58, Changliu Road, Pudong District, Shanghai,China Other products:



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Zip: 200127
Telephone: +86-21-61086350 / 51 / 52 / 53 / 55
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Web Site: www.etrustin.comhg/db16123

Nantong Bestime Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Sodium Thiosulfate

Address: 3-103 Zhongnanyuan, Nantong, Jiangsu, China Other products:






Zip: 226000
Telephone: +86-513-85256376
Fax: +86-513-85255897
Web Site: www.bestime-chem.comhg/js16220

Kelco Chemicals Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Sodium Thiosulfate

Address: Rm 601, Tianshan Manshion, No. 30, Tian Shan Road,Shanghai, 200336, China. Other products:

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Acid Black 24

Zip: 200336
Telephone: +86-21-62744350 62598819
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Web Site: www.kelcochem.comhg/sh16402

Shanxi Linfen Dyeing Chemicals Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Sodium Thiosulfate

Address: No.4 fuxingxiang gulounain street,linfen,shanxi,china Other products:

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Zip: 041000
Telephone: +86-22-66868496
Fax: +86-22-66868498
Web Site: www.linfenchemical.comhg/bj16658

Shanghai Apex International Trading Co., Ltd   Enquiry for Sodium Thiosulfate

Address: Room 707, Block B, 18 TaoLin Road , Shanghai 200135, China Other products:

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Zip: 200135
Telephone: 021-50931877 50931878
Fax: 021-58517849
Web Site: www.shanghai-apex.comhg/sh18946

Shanghai Yancui Import and Export Corporation   Enquiry for Sodium Thiosulfate


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Zip: 200129
Telephone: +86-21-38722633 38722635
Fax: +86-21-50120932 51862516
Web Site: www.yancui.comhg/sh19818
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