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nickel acetate

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nickel acetate

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nickel acetate


Acetic acid nickel(II) salt; Nickel acetate tetrahydrate; Nickel(II) acetate tetrahydrate; Nickel ii acetate tetrahydrate; nickel(2+) acetate hydrate (1:2:4); acetate, nickel(2+) salt, hydrate (1:1:4)



EINECS: 206-761-7
Molecular Weight: 248.84036
Molecular Formula: C4H14NiO8
Water Solubility: 182 g/L (20℃)
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R22;R40;R43;     Details
Safety Description:
 S22;S24;S36/37;S45; Details
nickel acetate

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Fine Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Nickel Acetate

Address: 5 Rouji Rd. Huangyan, Zhejiang, China Other products:

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Nickel Acetate

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Shanghai Experiment Reagent Co.,LTD.   Enquiry for Nickel acetate

Address: 10-603, No.555 Luding Road (No.1000 North Zhongshan Road),Shanghai Other products:

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Mintchem Group   Enquiry for Nickel Acetate

Address: R602,4#,89Nong, Mudan Road Pudong Shanghai China Other products:

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Linhai Yongli Carbide Trial Plant   Enquiry for Nickel Acetate

Address: Yanjiang chemical zone, Linhai, China Other products:

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Shenzhen Luhuan Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Nickel Acetate

Address: No.181 Longwei Road, Xiameilin, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Other products:

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Foshan Nanhai Changcheng Fine Chemical Co.Ltd.   Enquiry for Nickel acetate

Address: at the Fronte of Dali Town Government Building, Nanhai Other products:

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SHANGHAI TRUSTIN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD   Enquiry for Nickel acetate

Address: Room 2001, No.58, Changliu Road, Pudong District, Shanghai,China Other products:



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HEBEI KINGWAY CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.   Enquiry for Nickel acetate

Address: North Town of Xiongxian City Hebei Province, China Other products:

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Hainan Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Nickel Acetate

Address: 9F, New Caohejing Building, No.509, Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China Other products:

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Ningbo Hongda Chemicals Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Nickel Acetate

Address: Other products:

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Telephone: +86-574-88356456
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Web Site: www.nbhongda.nethg/hz34971
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