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Polyaluminium Chloride

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Polyaluminium Chloride

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Polyaluminium Chloride


Aluminum chlorohydrate (anhydrous); Aluminum hydroxychloride; Aluminum oxychloride; ACH 325; ACH 331; ACH 7-321; Aloxicoll; Aluminol ACH; Aluminum chlorhydrate; Aluminum chlorhydroxide; Aluminum chloride hydroxide; Aluminum chloride hydroxide oxide, basic; Aluminum chloride oxide; Aluminum chlorohydrol; Aluminum chlorohydroxide; Aluminum hydroxide chloride; Aquarhone 18; Astringen; Astringen 10; Banoltan White; Basic aluminum chloride; Basic aluminum chloride, hydrate; Berukotan AC-P; Cartafix LA; Cawood 5025; Chlorhydrol; Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry; Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry SUF; Dialuminium-chlorid-pentahydroxid; E 200; E 200 (coagulant); Gelsica; HPB 5025; Hessidrex WT; Hydral; Hydrofugal; Kempac 10; Kempac 20; Kemwater PAX 14; Locron; Locron P; Locron S; Nalco 8676; OCAL; Oulupac 180; PAC; PAC (salt); PAC 250A; PAC 250AD; PACK 300M; PALC; Paho 2S; Sansudor; UNII-HPN8MZW13M; Wickenol cps 325; Aluminum chloride, basic; [AL2(OH)nCL6-n]m; aluminum trichloride; Polyaluminum chloride; Poly-Aluminium Chloride(PAC); Poly aluminium chloride



EINECS: 215-477-2
Molecular Weight: 174.45
Molecular Formula: Al2Cl(OH)5
Water Solubility: soluble
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Polyaluminium Chloride

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Hangzhou Yinhu Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Poly aluminium chloride

Address: Room 1201, Unit 1, Building 2, Zhongrong Chengshi Garden, 224 Tianmushan Road, Zhejiang,China Other products:


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Poly quaternary am...


Zip: 310012
Telephone: +86-571-85028646 85028645 85028945-805
Fax: +86-571-85028640
Web Site: www.yinhuchem.comAhg/hz14077

KIRNS CHEMICAL LTD.   Enquiry for Poly Aluminum Chloride

Address: 1802, 208 East Laodong Road, Changsha, Hunan-410007, China Other products:

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Telephone: +86 (731) 8867-8000
Fax: +86 (731) 8867-7000
Web Site: www.kirns.comAhg/hz52848

Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Import & Export Corporation   Enquiry for Polyaluminium Chloride

Address: No.319 AiMin St. XiAn Dist.Mudanjiang Heilongjiang China Other products:

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Refined Oxalic Aci...

Formic Acid

Sodium Formate

Calcium Formate

Zip: 157000
Telephone: +86-453-6297887,6255887,6228414
Fax: +86-453-6223551,6296887
Web Site: www.mudanjiangchem.comhg/bj13467

Acroyali Holdings Qingdao Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for Poly aluminium chloride

Address: A2,8/F.Flagship Tower,No.40 Hongkong Middle Rd,Qingdao, China Other products:

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Aluminium hydroxid...

Zip: 266071
Telephone: +86-532-86677827
Fax: +86-532-86677825
Web Site: www.aisonschem.comhg/sd13800

Chongqing Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for PAC

Address: 30th Floor, Longhu Ziduxingzuo Building, 1st Branch,YuSong Rd., Yubei District, Chongqing, China Other products:


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Diphenyl carbonate

diethyl carbonate


Zip: 401147
Telephone: +86-23-67896333
Fax: +86-23-67896677
Web Site: www.changfengchem.comhg/hz13865

Guangxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry   Enquiry for Poly Aluminium Chloride

Address: 7 Bei Er Li, Wangzhou Road, Nanning, Guangxi, China Other products:

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Zip: 530001
Telephone: 86-771-3302297
Fax: 86-771-3305829
Web Site: www.gxchem.comhg/hz13999

Weifang YuKai Chemical Co., Ltd.   Enquiry for Polyaluminium Chloride

Address: Lingang Industrial Park, Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone. Other products:

Water Treatment-(2...





Zip: 262737
Telephone: +86-536-5332378
Fax: +86-536-5310398
Web Site: www.yukaichem.comhg/sd14249

Shanghai Experiment Reagent Co.,LTD.   Enquiry for Aluminum trichloride

Address: 10-603, No.555 Luding Road (No.1000 North Zhongshan Road),Shanghai Other products:

Hydrazine HCl

Ammonium formate

Ammonium acetate



Zip: 200070
Telephone: +86-21-56553207 56553622
Fax: +86-21-56553837
Web Site: www.china-reagent.comhg/sh14494

Sinochem Hebei (Tianjin) Import & Export Corporation.   Enquiry for Polyaluminium Chloride

Address: 6-F,Tianjin International Development Building No.2,Dongting Road TEDA Tianjin China Other products:

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Zip: 300457
Telephone: +86-22-25292466
Fax: +86-22-25292488,25320640
Web Site: www.sinochemhb.comhg/bj14917

Hengyang CNSG Tianyou Chemical Co.,Ltd.   Enquiry for PAC

Address: Dongyangdu Hengyang City Hunan province,P.R.China Other products:

titanium dioxide

Ferric Sulfate

Ammonium molybdate


Neutral protease

Zip: 421002
Telephone: +86-734-8362409 008613789392468
Fax: +86-734-8362409
Web Site: www.tianyouchem.comhg/hz15034
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