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Di(acetylacetonate) aluminium diisopropyl

Details for Di(acetylacetonate) aluminium diisopropyl

Di(acetylacetonate) aluminium diisopropyl


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Di(acetylacetonate) aluminium diisopropyl
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Product description:

Applicable colophony: PP, PE, PVC, PS, etc. Applicable packing: all kinds of inorganic packing (such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, alumina etc), inorganic flame retardants (such as aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, antimony trioxide, etc.) of the surface modification of the packing, after activation flame retardants, paint, can be used for rubber, coating, ink, laminated products and cohere agent on composite products.

After the product after activation treatment of inorganic powder, except stable quality outside, still have color is light, non-toxic, taste and the coordination of small PVC thermal stability and lubrication, the wide range, easy to use, low price. After the product activation modified deal with the various powder, because of its surface chemistry of a generation happened organic molecular layer, by the close water become close organic. Experiments show that the inorganic powder surface modification for the product after composite products, coupling agent of inorganic and organic kiss kiss broken broken can separately and inorganic and organic resin packing surface produces chemical reaction or winding, enhance the organic and inorganic powder resin interface compatibility, so use aluminum coupling agent modification, not only can improve filling inorganic powder plastic products processing performance, and also can obviously improve the physical and mechanical properties of the products, make the product is bibulous rate drop, oil absorption value reduction, packing scattered evenly. For some low filled plastic products, general can greatly increase dosage of packing (more than the original filling quantity increased by more than 50%), improving processing performance (melt viscosity drops, to mold wear reduce), improve product quality, reduce the production cost, thus has the obvious economic benefits. This product is used for processing wood powder, bamboo powder materials used in organic PE, PP, PVC resin, can improve the packing and the compatibility of resin, so as to improve the mechanical properties of composite and processing properties. Seal store in a cool, dry ventilated place, moistureproof waterproof, away from the fire, heat source. 20 kg/box.

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