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Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO: 546-68-9
EC NO: 208-909-6
Molecular Formula: C12H28O4Ti
Molecular Weight: 284.22
Specification: 95%
InChI: InChI=1/4C3H8O.Ti/c4*1-3(2)4;/h4*3-4H,1-2H3;
Packing: Sample package:100ml/bottle, 250ml,500ml,1L. Small package:5kg/bottle, 20kg,25kg. Big package:200kg/steel drum
Product description:
CAS No.: 546-68-9 Dupont Tyzor TPT Colorless or pale yellowish liquid As crosslinking agent for various polymers or resins Titanium tetraisopropanolate Product: FD-TPT Chemical Name: Titanium tetraisopropanolate CAS No.: 546-68-9 Structure: see pic. Typical Physical Properties: Corresponding other producers name: Dupont Tyzor TPT Product appearance: Colorless or pale yellowish liquid Mol.Wt: 284.22 Density : (25) 0.95 Melting point: 15 Boiling point: 240 Refractive index: 1.4654-1.4684 Flash point: 46 ºC Ti content (%):Light yellow liquid Ti content (%):16.62-16.80 Isopropoxide content(%):81.8882.70 Application: It is applied to esterification, transesterification of the esters of acrylic acid ect. and the polymerization reaction of epoxy resin, bakelite, silicone, polybutadiene, PP,PE and so on. It is used as crosslinking agent for various polymers or resins in coating and paint to improve adhesive bonding between coating and substrate, to improve dispersion and coloring, and anti-corrosion. It is also used as surface modifier, adhesion promotor, and additive for paraffin and oil. Packing: Packed with 5L, 20L, 210L plastic/steel drum or 1000L IBC container, also can be packed according to customers requirement. Storage: Seal and store it in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep moisture-proof and waterproof, far away from kindling material and heat source.
Uses: Syntheses Material Intermediates
Synonyms: tetraisopropyl orthotitanate;Titanium tetraisopropoxide;Tetraisopropyl titanate;Isopropyltitanate;Titanium isopropoxide;Titanium(IV) i-propoxide;Tetraisopropoxytitanium(IV);TITANIUM ISO-PROPYLATE;titanium(4+) tetrapropan-2-olate;propan-2-ol - titanium (4:1);TPT;ISOPROPYL TITANATE;Titanium tetraisopropanolate;Titanium tetraisopropylate;
Molecular Structure: TPT 546-68-9
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