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Methyl salicylate

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Methyl salicylate

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Methyl salicylate


2-carbomethoxyphenol; o-hydroxybenzoic acid methyl ester; 2-(methoxycarbonyl)phenol; analgit; anthrapole nd; betula; Betula oil; exagien; flucarmit; gaultheria oil; Linsal; methyl o-hydroxybenzoate; Methyl hydroxybenzoate; Metsal Liniment; oil of wintergreen; Panalgesic; teaberry oil; wintergreen oil; Winter Green Oil; Salicylic Acid Methyl Ester; Methyl-2-Hydroxybenzoate; methyl 2-hydroxybenzoate; 5-isopropyl-2-methyl-phenol; wintergreen oil from gaultheria procumbens L; Wintergreen oil Gaultheria procumbens L.; Wintergreen Oil Natural; Sublimated Salicylic acid



EINECS: 204-317-7
Molecular Weight: 152.14972
Molecular Formula: C8H8O3
Density: 0.974g/cm3
Melting Point(℃): 19.4℃
Boiling Point(℃): 237.2°C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point(℃): 106.7°C
refractive_index: 1.523
Water Solubility: 0.07 g/100 mL (20℃)
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R22;R36/38;     Details
Safety Description:
 S24/25; Details
Methyl salicylate

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Miami Chemical   Enquiry for Methyl salicylate

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Rishabh Metals & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd   Enquiry for Methyl Salicylate

Address: Mumbai Other products:

Methyl Salicylate

Telephone: 9122403701100
Fax: 912240370100
Web Site: www.rmc.inhg/cus47183

S. G. Arochem Indust   Enquiry for Methyl salicylate

Address: 32, Shikshak Nagar, Aerodrome Road,Indore,Madhya Pradesh,India, India, Other products:

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Methyl salicylate

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Telephone: 917314266051
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Web Site: www.sgarochem.comhg/cus47485

Ungerer Limited   Enquiry for 5-Isopropyl-2-methylphenol

Address: Sealand Road, Chester, United Kingdom, Chester Other products:

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Telephone: 4401244371711
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McSIVAG INDIA GROUP   Enquiry for Methyl salicylate

Address: Floor No :3, Office No: 2,GK Tower, Dwaraka Nagar,Visakhapatanam - 530 016.Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Other products:
Telephone: +91-891-2753670, 2753671, 2753672
Fax: +91-891-2722692
Web Site: www.mcsivag.comsvc/serv0024410

Callahan Company   Enquiry for Methyl Salicylate

Address: Broad St. & Filmore Ave.Palmyra, NJ 08065 Other products:
Telephone: (856) 786-7900
Fax: (856) 786-0216
Web Site: www.calchem.com/svc/serv0105331

API Department of Mitsubishi Chemical   Enquiry for Methyl salicylate

Address: Tokyo(office)1-5-2, Yaesu,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0028,Japan Other products:
Zip: 103-0028
Telephone: +81-3-5205-0637
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Patel Chemopharma PVT .LTD   Enquiry for METHYL SALICYLATE

Address: 101 ALAKNANDA, Anna Saheb Vartak Marg, TPS III,Borivali. MUMBAI 400 092. INDIA Other products:
Telephone: +91-22-8994142
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Web Site: www.kpateldyes.comsvc6239

Deepak Chemicals Group   Enquiry for Methyl Salicylate

Address: 2207, Phase-IV, GIDC, Vatva Ahmedabad - 382 245, INDIA. Other products:
Telephone: +91-79-584 2722
Fax: +91-79-583 4062
Web Site: svc/serv0026278

Bell Flavors And Fragrances   Enquiry for Methyl Salicylate

Address: Other products:
Web Site: www.bell-europe.comsvc/serv0437550
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