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Potassium persulfate

About Potassium persulfate

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Potassium persulfate

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Potassium persulfate


Potassium peroxydisulfate; Potassium persulfate 99+ % for analysis; Potassium peroxodisulfate; dipotassium peroxodisulphate; Potassium persulphate; Peroxydisulphuric acid dipotassium salt~Potassium peroxydisulphate; DI-POTASSIUM PEROXODISULPHATE; DIPOTASSIUM PEROXYDISULFATE; BETZ 2701; TNP-201 DECOMPOSITION SOLUTION 1; anthion; dipotassiumpersulfate; peroxydisulfuricacid([(ho)s(o)2]2o2),dipotassiumsalt; Peroxydisulfuricacid,dipotassiumsalt; dipotassium [(sulfonatoperoxy)sulfonyl]oxidanide



EINECS: 231-781-8
Molecular Weight: 270.3218
Molecular Formula: K2O8S2
Melting Point(℃): 100℃
Water Solubility: 5 g/100 mL (20℃)
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R22;R36/37/38;R42/43;R8;     Details
Safety Description:
 S22;S24;S26;S37; Details
Potassium persulfate

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Calibre Chemicals Pvt. Ltd   Enquiry for Potassium Persulphate

Address: 703 Dalamal House, 206 Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. India Other products:
Telephone: +91-22-22823148
Fax: +91-22-22832087
Web Site: www.calibrechem.comsvc/serv0278705

Ronas Chemicals Ind., Ltd.   Enquiry for POTASSIUM PERSULFATE

Address: 3F No. 3, Alley 6, Lane 329, Sec. 1, Tun Hua South Rd.Taipei, Taiwan Other products:
Telephone: 886-2-85091839
Fax: 886-2-23258985
Web Site: www.ronasgroup.comsvc/serv05610471

Brook-Chem, Inc   Enquiry for POTASSIUM PERSULFATE

Address: 1770 Park Street, Suite 109,Naperville, IL 60563 Other products:
Telephone: +630-369-7300
Web Site: www.brookchem.comsvc/serv02410907

Darwin Chemical Company   Enquiry for Potassium Persulfate

Address: 600 N Pine Island Road,Plantation, FL 33324-1311,usa Other products:
Telephone: +1 (954) 315-0252
Fax: +1 (954) 315-0280
Web Site: www.darwinchemical.comsvc/serv03811052

Calibre Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.   Enquiry for Potassium Persulphate

Address: 703 Dalamal House, 206 Nariman Point,Mumbai 400021. India, India Other products:
Telephone: +91-22-22823148
Fax: +91-22-22832087
Web Site: www.calibrechem.comsvc/serv01711335

PRABHAT CHEMICALS(T.A.CORPORTION)   Enquiry for Potassium persulphate

Address: 8,Dewan Niketan,Chembur Naka,Chembur,Mumbai: 400071, INDIA Other products:
Telephone: 91-22-25223613
Fax: 91-22-25333631
Web Site: www.prabhatchemicals.comsvc/serv02411377

CP/Phibrochem, Div., Philipp Brothers Chemicals, Inc.   Enquiry for POTASSIUM PERSULFATE

Address: 1 Parker Plaza Other products:
Zip: Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Telephone: 9201)944-6020
Fax: (201)944-6245
Web Site: www.phibrochem.comsvc/serv02811685

Univar Canada Ltd   Enquiry for Potassium Persulfate

Address: Other products:
Telephone: (519) 668-3007
Fax: (519) 668-1916
Web Site: www.univarcanada.comsvc/serv04211738

MV Laboratories, Inc.   Enquiry for Potassium persulfate

Address: 1 Eighth Street, Suite 15Frenchtown, NJ 08825 Other products:
Telephone: (908) 996-6633
Fax: 908-996-6697
Web Site: www.mvlaboratories.comsvc/serv03812794

Brown Chemical Co. Inc.   Enquiry for POTASSIUM PERSULFATE

Address: 302 West Oakland Av., PO Box 440 Other products:
Zip: Oakland, NJ 07436
Telephone: (201)337-0900
Fax: (201)337-9026
Web Site: www.brownchem.comsvc/serv02813029
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