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Polyaluminium Chloride

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Polyaluminium Chloride

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Polyaluminium Chloride


Aluminum chlorohydrate (anhydrous); Aluminum hydroxychloride; Aluminum oxychloride; ACH 325; ACH 331; ACH 7-321; Aloxicoll; Aluminol ACH; Aluminum chlorhydrate; Aluminum chlorhydroxide; Aluminum chloride hydroxide; Aluminum chloride hydroxide oxide, basic; Aluminum chloride oxide; Aluminum chlorohydrol; Aluminum chlorohydroxide; Aluminum hydroxide chloride; Aquarhone 18; Astringen; Astringen 10; Banoltan White; Basic aluminum chloride; Basic aluminum chloride, hydrate; Berukotan AC-P; Cartafix LA; Cawood 5025; Chlorhydrol; Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry; Chlorhydrol Micro-Dry SUF; Dialuminium-chlorid-pentahydroxid; E 200; E 200 (coagulant); Gelsica; HPB 5025; Hessidrex WT; Hydral; Hydrofugal; Kempac 10; Kempac 20; Kemwater PAX 14; Locron; Locron P; Locron S; Nalco 8676; OCAL; Oulupac 180; PAC; PAC (salt); PAC 250A; PAC 250AD; PACK 300M; PALC; Paho 2S; Sansudor; UNII-HPN8MZW13M; Wickenol cps 325; Aluminum chloride, basic; [AL2(OH)nCL6-n]m; aluminum trichloride; Polyaluminum chloride; Poly-Aluminium Chloride(PAC); Poly aluminium chloride



EINECS: 215-477-2
Molecular Weight: 174.45
Molecular Formula: Al2Cl(OH)5
Water Solubility: soluble
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Polyaluminium Chloride

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Hardman Australia   Enquiry for Polyaluminium Chloride

Address: 11 Boden Road Seven Hills NSW 2147(Postal Address: PO Box 122 Seven Hills NSW 1730) Other products:






Telephone: +61-2-9624 1333
Fax: +61+2-9624 5851
Web Site: www.hardman.com.auAhg/cus3700

General Chemical Canada Ltd.   Enquiry for Polyaluminium chloride

Address: 201 City Centre Drive, 11th Floor, Mississauga, Ontario Other products:

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Telephone: 1-905-566-3851
Fax: 1-800-361-5308
Web Site: www.gogenchem.comAhg/cus25085

Chemco inc.   Enquiry for Polyaluminium chloride

Address: Other products:

Polyaluminium chlo...

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Telephone: +1 800 575-5422
Web Site: www.chemco-inc.comAhg/cus31065

LPM Technologies Inc.   Enquiry for Polyaluminum chloride

Address: 795 Craig Street ,Saint-Nicolas (Qu閎ec) ,Canada Other products:
Zip: G7A 2N2
Telephone: (418) 831-2055
Fax: (418) 836-0770
Web Site: www.lpmtech.comsvc/serv0388407

Grasim Industries Ltd., (Chemical Division)   Enquiry for Polyaluminium Chloride

Address: Birlagram Nagda 456331 Madhya Pradesh Other products:
Telephone: 91-7366-245030
Fax: 91-7366-244821
Web Site: http://www.grasimchem.comsvc/serv02410070

General Chemical Performance Products, LLC   Enquiry for ALUMINUM CHLORHYDRATE

Address: Parsippany, NJ 07054-0393 Other products:
Zip: 90 E. Halsey Rd.
Telephone: (973)515-0900
Fax: (973)515-3232
Web Site: www.genchemcorp.comsvc/serv02812555

SITARA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED   Enquiry for Poly Aluminum Chloride

Address: P.O Box # 442, 32-KM, Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad Pakistan Other products:
Telephone: 092-41-689141
Fax: 092-41-689147
Web Site: www.sitara.com.pksvc/serv02418743

Ideal Chemical   Enquiry for Polyaluminum Chloride

Address: 4025 Air Park Street Memphis Other products:
Zip: 38118
Telephone: (800)232-6776
Fax: (901)366-0864
Web Site: www.idealchemical.comsvc/serv02122371

Meridian World Sdn. Bhd.   Enquiry for PAC

Address: No.5, Jalan Angsana 1/4, Perusahaan Ringan Angsana, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. Other products:
Telephone: 604-4210635
Fax: 604-4210958
Web Site: www.meridianworld.com.mysvc/serv00522651

Brenntag Canada   Enquiry for Polyaluminum Chloride

Address: 60 Titan Road, Toronto, M8Z 2J8, Ontario Other products:
Telephone: (416) 259 8231
Fax: (416)233 7706
Web Site: www.brenntag.casvc/serv00522662
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