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Molybdenum atomic absorption standard solution

About Molybdenum atomic absorption standard solution

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Molybdenum atomic absorption standard solution

Product Name:

Molybdenum atomic absorption standard solution


MolybdenumpowderNmesh; MolybdenumwireNmmdia; Molybdenum foil; MolybdenumpelletsNxmm; MolybdenumsheetNmmthickcagxmm; MolybdenumrodNmmdiacagcm; MolybdenumpowderNmicron; Molybdenum powder; Molybdenum (O, N, C); Molybdenum wire (99.97%); Molybdenum pellets (99.7%); Molybdenum sheet (99.95%); Molybdenum wire (99.9%); Molybdenum rod (99.95%); Molybdenum solution 1000 ppm; Molybdenum solution 10 000 ppm; molybdenum



EINECS: 231-107-2
Molecular Weight: 95.94
Molecular Formula: Mo
Melting Point(℃): 2622℃
Water Solubility: H2O: soluble
Hazard Symbols:
Risk Codes:
 R36/37/38;     Details
Safety Description:
 S24/25; Details
Molybdenum atomic absorption standard solution

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Shepherd Chemical   Enquiry for Molybdenum

Address: Norwood, Ohio,Manufacturing, Inorganic Compounds, Metal Organics, Sales, Research &Development Other products:

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Seidler Chemical Co., Inc.   Enquiry for Molybdenum

Address: 537 Raymond Boulevard Newark, NJ 07105 Other products:

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Pharmline, Inc.   Enquiry for Molybdenum

Address: P.O. Box 291, 41 Bridge St. Florida, NY 10921 Other products:


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MV Laboratories Inc   Enquiry for Molybdenum powder

Address: P.O. Box 370 Three Bridges, NJ Other products:

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Zip: 08887
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Web Site: www.mvlaboratories.comhg/cus10106

Saint-Gobain   Enquiry for Molybdenum

Address: Other products:

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Telephone: +1 716 731 8211
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Web Site: www.saint-gobain.comAhg/cus32448

Continental Metals Inc.   Enquiry for Molybdenum

Address: 1684 Decoto Rd., #166, Union City, CA 94587, USA Other products:

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Telephone: +1-510-742-9298
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Web Site: www.con-metals.comhg/cus32465

Atlantic Equipment Engineers, Div. Micron Metals, Inc.   Enquiry for MOLYBDENUM POWDER

Address: 13 Foster St., PO Box 181 Other products:
Zip: Bergenfield, NJ 07621
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Web Site: www.micronmetals.comsvc7334

Martin Alloys   Enquiry for molybdenum

Address: Other products:
Telephone: 19084741212
Fax: 19084741222
Web Site: svc/serv04210157

D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corp.   Enquiry for Molybdenum

Address: 909 Pitner Avenue,Evanston, IL 60202 USA Other products:
Zip: IL 60202
Telephone: (847) 869-7800
Fax: (847) 869-2531
Web Site: www.dfgoldsmith.comsvc/serv03811030

ESPI Corp Inc.   Enquiry for Molybdenum

Address: ESPI ,1050 Benson Way,Ashland, Oregon 97520 Other products:
Telephone: 541.488.8311
Fax: 541.488.8313
Web Site: svc/serv03811572
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