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static conductive anticorrosion protective coating

Details for static conductive anticorrosion protective coating

static conductive anticorrosion protective coating


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static conductive anticorrosion protective coating
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Product description:

   SWD952 Series SH123 One component moisture

 cure polyurethane (elastic) system static

    conductive anticorrosion protective coating

Descriptions               Since the ordinary static conductive coating with low anticorrosion performance it will produce pitting or serious holes after used for a period. Based on the technologies of traditional epoxy static conductive coating and two components polyurethane static conductive coating SWD Urethane Co., USA studied and developed the one component high performance polyurea polyurethane static conductive anticorrosion coating. This product perfectly coordinated the coating properties of static conductive and anticorrosion together, providing an excellent solution to the anticorrosion and safety performance of oil storage tanks. It works quite well after being widely used in the America.


Characteristics               The coating takes one component polyurea polyurethane resin as main material the film of coating is dense, tough, with excellent physical mechanism properties, high anticorrosion and temperature variation performance on various media, such as acid, alkali, salt, oil, water and solvent. The surface electrical resistance of the coating is between105 to 109 ohm, static conductive stable, with high penetrate resistance performance.



Adhesive strength                            10.2Mpa

Impact resistance                             ≥50kg•cm

Tensile strength                              16Mpa

Elongation                                  350%

Surface electrical resistance                     105Ω≤PS≤109Ω

Temperature variation                         -40------+180℃

Wear resistance700g/500r                  11mg

Acid resistance 40%H2SO4 or 15%HCI, 30d        no rust no bubbles no peel

Alkali resistance 30%NaOH, 30d                 no rust no bubbles no peel

Salt resistance 80g/L, 30d                       no rust no bubbles no peel

Salt spray resistance 1000h                      no rust no bubbles no peel

Oil resistance 0# diesel Crude oil 30d              no rust no bubbles no peel


Data of performance

Color                        Multiple colors as customers’ need

Luster                        half glazed

Density                       1.06g/cm3

Volume solid content            75%±2%

VOC                         ≤191g/L

Recommended dry film thickness   50-100μm

Theoretical coverage             0.08kg/sqm (calculated by the above solids percentage and dry film thickness of 50 microns)

Practical coverage                Allow appropriate loss factors

Dry time                       1-3h

Overcoating interval              min: 3h, max: 28h

Overcoating method              Airless spray, Air spray, Brush, Roller

Flash point                      53℃


Recommend procedures



Name of products


Dry film thicknessμm


SWD iron oxide red anticorrosion protective primer




SWD crude oil tank special anticorrosion coating




SWD static conductive anticorrosion coating








Application scopes           Anticorrosion of various types of crude oil storage tanks, oil tanks, gas tanks, chemical raw material tanks and all metal surfaces accumulated electrostatic.


Shelf life                   10 months (Indoor with dry and cool conditions)


Packing                    20kg/bucket. 25kg/bucket


Production area            Minhang District, City of Shanghai (23% of raw materials imported from SWD US)


Security                   To apply this product must be accordance with the relevant national regulation of sanitation, safety and environment. Avoid contacting the wet coating.


Global applicability         Our company aims to provide worldwide customers the same coatings, but sometimes, some small adjustments are made to satisfy each region conditions and international norms, in this case, an alternative product data will be provided.


Integrity declaration         Our company guarantees the reality of the listed data, due to the diversity and variability of the application environment, please test and verify it before use. We don’t take any other responsibilities except the coating quality self and reserve the right of modification the listed data without prior notice



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